ACM has been providing media, communication and organisational development training to a wide range of clients from the government, corporate and voluntary sectors for more than 20 years. In that time our hugely experienced and passionate trainers have helped more than 10,000 individual delegates at our public workshops and more than 2,000 clients in-house. Naturally we'd like to add you or your organisation to our long and growing list of satisfied customers. 

From the start our mantra has been effective training at competitive rates. And that's still the case today with prices starting from just £99 per person. We like to think that training is an investment not an expense and because all of our courses have been carefully designed and rigourously tested you'll begin to reap the dividend on that investment immediately. So book a place today. Better still book a whole workshop. We look forward to seeing you or your colleagues soon!


So that's it for another four years. And, to coin a phrase, our World Cup-themed owl logo is coming home to roost. We hope you enjoyed our cliché generator while it lasted.

We've updated our privacy policy. It tells you what data we collect from our clients, prospective clients and website visitors and what we do with this information. We hope it’s clearly written, easy to understand and,  most importantly, balances individual and corporate rights and responsibilities. We’re sure you’ll let us know if it isn’t all of those things!

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"An excellent course that was very well presented by a trainer who was clearly experienced in his field and put his message across in a relaxed and good humoured manner. Thank you."