Price structure

Browse our courses - whether online or in-person - and you'll see there are five ways of taking them:

  1. With a mixture of trainees from a range of organisations by booking a place on a public session - online but open to all.
  2. With colleagues exclusively from your own organisation by booking a private group session in-house, in-person or online - the choice is yours.
  3. One-to-one with a trainer by booking a largely off-the-peg online session just for you or a colleague.
  4. By booking bespoke online coaching and/or mentoring sessions by the hour.
  5. By sitting one of our self-guided online courses. They're authored by the same experts who facilitate our live courses but are designed to be taken at your own pace and in your own time with the same access to our brilliant client-only training resources.

Whichever option you choose, you'll see from the table below that we operate a really simple and competitive price structure with our


Option Trainer:delegate ratio Price* Is this the right option for me?
Book a place (or places) on our open-to-everyone, public training sessions. When demand is low and no dates are scheduled we operate a no-deposit wait list system. Workshop dependent but usually around 1:6 From £199 per person This option is the best value for live training. You don’t have any say over your fellow delegates although for most sessions there’ll be no more than five other people.
Book an entire session exclusively for you and/or your colleagues with your choice of delivery method - either online or in-person.  Workshop dependent but for our online media training sessions we suggest 1:4 (no more than four participants) so that everyone gets lots of practical experience at being interviewed. Dependent on numbers, duration, course type and delivery method from £899 per session The session can be tailored to your organisational needs. You get too choose the time and date (subject to availability).
Book a one-to-one online training session. Just you and the trainer’s undivided attention. 1:1 £499 You get to choose the time and date. With clients in Australia, we’re well used to keeping odd hours so if an early start or a late finish fit into your schedule we’ll make sure they fit into ours.
Book bespoke online coaching/mentoring by the hour.  1:1 (or higher for small group coaching by arrangement). £199 for the first hour (which includes a no-obligation online consultation beforehand) then £149 per hour thereafter. Highly individualised with a precise focus on your needs - in complete private. And, as with all but our open, group sessions, your choice of time and date. One hour in the gym at the crack of dawn for your body followed by one hour for your brain with us? No sweat!
Sit one of our self-guided online courses Just you and the cat (if you've got one). From just £24.99 Highly flexible option because you can sit the modules whenever you want in whatever order you want. Informative and fun to sit but not as highly interactive as our live sessions.


What’s the difference between booking a one-to-one training session and three hours of coaching? 

Good question. And nothing price-wise. Think of a one-to-one training session as our advertised programme delivered with the odd tweak to suit your training needs. Think of coaching and mentoring as highly individualised where, after a no obligation training needs analysis, we tailor the session(s) to help you develop your existing skills and acquire new ones across one, several or all categories. Many of our clients book coaching after sitting a group session. The other way of looking at it is that our group and individual sessions suit beginners and intermediates and our coaching is pitched at those with more experience or, like a lot of people at board level, prefer confidentiality to collegiality. 

Charity rate

There's a significant discount on these rates for bookings from registered charities. We offer 10% off our live-facilitated, open courses and charge £799 for our closed (in-house but online) group sessions - a saving of at least £100.

We also work with a small number of organisations and individuals on a pro bono basis where we think contributing our services for free is for the public good and accords with our sense of corporate social responsibility. For example, in the wider interests of sport we've been helping Fair Game bring sustainability and fairness into football.

Block booking discount

We offer 5% off for two individual places or workshops booked at the same time. This rises to 10% for three, up to a maximum of 15% for four or more.

Discount for students, pensioners, jobseekers and other self-funded learners

Our open-to-everyone, public sessions are already competitively priced for live, trainer-led training. But, of course, we realise they may still be beyond your reach. So keep an eye out for our special offers or perhaps consider sitting one of our self-guided courses. Alternatively get in touch because we might be able to point you in the direction of external funding or waive our usual charges.

*Please note all prices quoted here exclude VAT at the current rate.

What our clients say:

"An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on."
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