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We've built up heaps of resources over our 28 plus years in business. Course teasers, how-to videos, podcasts, mini-masterclasses, blog posts and and - our favourite - recordings from real life interviews featuring famous people squirming. We've even got some old overhead projector acetates somewhere gathering dust. In the spirit of open and lifelong learning we make much of it available for nothing. And the only "price" you have to pay is the time it takes to ferret around finding the bits you want. To make that task as easy as possible we've done our best to divvy it up two ways: by course topic; and by media type.

So, for example, you could browse all of our masterclasses here, view all of our free videos on our YouTube channel or just look for the free resources links at the bottom of many of our course pages. We're also busy building a searchable database. Watch this space!

  • The Owl Service - our live and not-so-live webinar featuring free, bite-sized training sessions, sound advice, topical discussions and now Ask the Owls: your questions answered.
  • The Five Minute Masterclass - a growing series of short of audio and video podcasts.
  • The ACM blog - almost everything (including those acetates) in chronological order.

Not so free stuff

Of course there are some things we'd be crazy to give away. Like the books and booklets that have been specially written to accompany our courses. That said, you do get these as a part of the deal when you book a paid-for session. Access is via our login page with a username and password issued once you've completed a course. And we're releasing them over the coming months so you can buy them separately without having to pay for a whole workshop. First up are Speak Easier - our downloadable book on how to be a perfect presenter and Writing for the Web which is also available in the Apple and Amazon bookstores so you can download it easily to your smartphone, tablet or e-reader.


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