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Media relations

Excellent training. Appropriately challenging but delivered in a safe way. Has increased my confidence significantly in an area where I have always felt very anxious. Thank you.

Excellent training! Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a vast ammount.

Trainer Richard was excellent, beneficial to have someone of his experience take the course. Enjoyed thoroughly.

I found the broadcast training really useful. It was interesting, informative and fun. I would recommend it to all. Thankyou

I didn't book the course myself and i have not received any supporting documents to date so i had to answer neutral to the below. I thought the training was great and also gave me lots of techniques for many situations in my working life and not just media interviews!

Really excellent training - effective, well thought out and the right level of challenge.

I have found this course to be beneficial and feel the techniques learned will enable me to enhance my performance in the future, when dealing with media and other associated activities.

Good training course. Strategies provided were ideal for building on existing knowledge and experience. Best media training I have had to date.

I thoroughly enjoyed the input and the presentation style from Richard was relaxed and conducive to learning.

Although I took notes during the course they are subsumed in other work in my day boook and it may have been beneficial to have typed notes or course literature to take away which could be considered and refered to when required. there were a number of very good tips and suggestions that i would/will use, but a refresher documnent would be beneficial.

this really enhanced practical experience I have already. The matrix gave me an excellent platform to use in the future. I also thought the presenter and the approach to presenting was excellent.

A worthwhile day. It repeated some of the content generally available at SPC, but this type of skill does require updating / refreshing, so it was an excellent opportunity to cover ths subject. No negative comments of the day at all, Richard was excellent and his guidance will stay with me.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very worthwhile and valuable. I will use the techniques in future.

I was very much impressed with the content and quality of the training event and the flexibility of Richard to deliver this training input to my Team. Richard presented to various Grampian Police groups at differing venues over the period of one week and I have received nothing but positive feedback from colleagues around the Force area over his style and content. I would be delighted to work with him again. Scott Bruce Head of Corporate Communications, Grampian Police.

An extremely worthwhile day, lots of useful hints and tips, particularly the planning matrix.

Although I knew that I had to attend the training I could not forsee the benefit of it.
I commenced feeling quite cynical of the day and I couldn't have been more wrong. By the end of the day I felt clear, confident and dare I say.. enthusiastic about working with the media and it was a very enjoyable day.Thank you

I found trying to answer questions about topics I wasn't overly familiar with an additional challenge on the day (although appreciate that the skills needed are the same). Thank you for a good day and some really good tips.

I personally thought Richard was an excellent trainer with a strong ability to tailor the subject to individuals and the group. Richard had a vast knowledge and was able to answer all my questions and concerns. I left feeling comfortable after what could have been a stressful training session. many thanks

I have since been interviewed on Farming Today, and I have to say that the training was put into use. I may not have got it all right, but I did feel that I did get some of my messages across, and having prepared and thought things through beforehand made a big difference. Thanks!

Overall excellent. Only reservation, I thought the interviews staged in the afternoon could have moved quicker or perhaps not everyone needed a turn. It would have been good to have had immediate playback on filming....for feedback.

An extremely useful, valuable and enjoyable day, many thanks.

I enjoyed the day immensely. I would quite like a copy of my filmed interview.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dayz training, very worthwhile,I learn't a great deal, and was reassured.

Excellent course and facilitation .

I really found the benefit of this day and feel I will be better prepared especially with regard to getting key messages across. Thank you

Thank you Richard, it was an excellent day!

Very informative training day

The training was in a very tight schedule, which allowed less time for slowly working up participants into the subject matter and developing confidence.

What a dude! Professional, focused, put you on the spot and gave fantastic insight into media from both sides of the camera. Best course of it's type I've attended - very well done!

I learnt a lot of useful skills and knowledge from Mr Richard Uridge, and the other peers at the workshop. Mr Uridge is a competent and prominent trainer, and all the trainees, including myself, found it enjoyable and useful workshop. Thank you very much indeed.

Really enjoyed it. Thanks Richard.

The day was fantastic!!! So well presented etc!

One of the best training days I have attended in a long time

I found the workshop extreamly useful and Richard's approach not intimidating but very inclusive, and he took out the mystique and worry of being on a radio interview.

I would definitely recommend this course. The workshop was well organised and professionally managed. I feel much better prepared to be interviewed on camera now! Thank you!

A very good course! Some coverage of 'print' (press releases) would have been useful.

Excellent course - Richard was brilliant. The only neutral I added was because I would have liked to see a little more on print media response strategy

Best continuing professional development skills programme I have ever undertaken. Being in the public spotlight is not my favourite of places but I feel I now have the skills to perform creditably, to ensure the message I want to give is heard and to do this with a degree of confidence. A huge thank you.

Excellent workshop - very focused on the need and without lengthy sermons, but rather a plethora of useful tips and practical guidance.

This was a very helpful session, especially the 1 + 2 or 3 interviews. I think we could have had more opportunity to review our own interviews.

Enjoyed by all participants (Dean and senior management team in the Faculty of Health at Keele University).

I had a great time on the course, and came away with a lot more confidence. I am looking forward to booking more courses when the funding allows.

A thoroughly enjoyable and useful day.

I thought Richard was an excellent trainer. Very impressed with the whole day and how it was run. The only let down was the terrible food!
Thanks very much to Richard for making it a thoroughly worthwhile.

Very useful course - personable instructor whose experience and commitment to personalising the experience for each individual was especially useful. Good group size and range of activities to keep interest going. Perhaps dragged a little on the "Media Relations" day as getting thorugh interviews and critique for 10 people took some time but was a useful exercise.

The course was fantastic, it gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge, put things into practice and have things I may have already known reinforced by a professional.
The size of the group meant for a lively day and it was fantastic value for money.
Have already recommended it to colleagues!

Excellent trainer! Richard certainly knows his stuff!

Excellent course - one of the most useful I have been on. Thanks!

An excellent course that was very well presented by a trainer who was clearly experienced in his field and put his message across in a relaxed and good humoured manner. Thank you.

Excellent facilitator with clear objectives and great delivery. Thank you

Richard tailored the day to cope with only two attendees which was great. I am sure there was considerable benefit in being such a small group!

It was a really good day. Enjoyable and useful.

Would have preferred the course over a two day period, to give us chance to perfect the new knowledge and practice until we got it right.

Absolutely great. I thoroughly enjoyed a day which I had not been looking forward to at all. Thanks.

Instead of thinking "oh no" if I get called upon to do media interview I will now be actively seeking them. Excellent course.

This was some of the best training i have attended. Fun, Informative, relevant and concise. Would definitely recommend to others.

An excellent course and really enjoyable day.

Good course, very worthwhile.

This was an excellent workshop and I would certainly recommend it to others likely to face the hungry wolf that is the modern media.

Excellent workshop - very useful and outstanding leader who carried us along with his energy.

Richard was a very engaging trainer who ensured everything was communicated and explained in an effective manner.

The Presenter was exceptionally competent, both in his knowledge, and in his ability to put it across well. Thank you Richard!

It was an excellent session - very useful and informative - I certainly feel more self aware and confident.

Very enjoyable and extremely useful workshop. I feel much more confident going into interviews now. Richard was extremely helpful, knowledgable and made everyone feel involved and tailored questions to our specific areas.
Only minor comments may be to give attendes an idea at the start of the day about the structure of the day and also a final on camera/radio interview rather than finishing with the group debate. Thank you!

I was really impressed with the training - thank you!
If theres one negative comment it would be that the venue wasn't ideal.

Very useful and enjoyable day

This was my first session with ACM, the group size was ideal and there was a relaxed atmosphere.I am looking forward to my next one.

Overall it was excellent!

I just have one suggestion which is that I would have liked the section covered in the first part of the afternoon to have been partly covered before we broke for lunch as there was a lot more to absorb in the afternoon than in the morning.

Thank you for a great workshop!

Not only was the workshop useful, it was also really enjoyable. Thank you.

Very enjoyable, well taught course - will prove very useful in the coming months & years! Thank you.

A really good training course, I felt much more confident about giving interviews afterwards.

An excellent day and very constructive. I left feeling much more able to deal competently with media enquiries.

Thanks again to Richard for a great couple of days which have given me a lot of confidence to tackle writing press releases/getting interviewed for print and if ever faced with a TV/radio interview I'll now be able to cope!

I think too much food is ordered - I hate seeing waste and on both days there were sandwiches left over - perhaps less should be ordered?

Thanks very much!

Richard was really challenging which I found great and the things he taught us were clear and effective, it really encouraged me to put preparation into talking to the media and making it work to my advantage instead of just panicking and winging it!I definitely feel I will be more in control.

Excellent all round sessions.

Before this course doing interviews on tv and radio filled me with dread, but now even though i think i will always feel nervous about them i think i have enough tools to deal with what might be thrown at me! It made me step out of my comfort zone, which is always a good thing.

A useful addition might have been to have staff interview each other, to build confidence in the process by making it less threatening.

This was an excellent course: fun, effective and succinct. One of the best RSPB courses I have attended. I'd definitely recommend it to colleagues.

Very useful course

The course was well run, informative and relevant.
Richard is an ideal candidate to deliver the training and his expertise in the field is evident and breeds confidence. The use of specific case studies was useful for myself and my colleague and meant the training had meaning and our experience was more valuable.

A very comprehensive course which was very well run. We were all put at ease which made taking in the information and participating a lot easier. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and left feeling more confident in my Media Skills.

Fantastic Course, learnt loads, would reccommend to others and the trainer very good.

I enjoyed it more than I expected to! It was very useful.

It was positive that all the scenarios were created, based on situations that we could encuonter in our line of work

Excellent session - well delivered and very useful.

Throughly enjoyed the training and felt it was excellent value for money. I felt I really gained a lot from the day.

I could not have hoped for a more articulate, thoughtful and professional trainer. The workshop reinforced and built upon my previous experience and achieved all of my aims.

Very useful, very enjoyable and interesting. Trainer was effective and highly skilled.

Without doubt one of the best training courses I've ever done... Very interesting, stimulating and useful.

Excellent value and very helpful - I will be recommending this courseto other colleagues and shall investigate other ACM courses.

I would have paid double the fee for a smaller group that would have allowed 1 or two extra interview sessions per delagate. Although the technical side is useful it is the practical side which is most beneficial. Alternatively think about running a second course which is more practical.

Unfortunately I had to leave the training day early, I thought that the training was excellent and probably the best that I have participated in. Thank you.

A couple of people were talking about fear at lunchtime and that it can block you remembering the best way to present yourself and maybe we could have looked/explored coping with fear/nervousness more.I did enjoy Richard's approach and humour very much. The certificate of completion could be sent to my e-mail address to save you paper and postage.

I found the experience very enjoyable. Thanks.


The group exercise in the afternoon, although useful was time consuming and it may have been better to spend more time on developing our individual skills.

Chairs in venue very uncomfortable.

Great day, very nerve wracking but enjoyable.

This was an extremely motivating and well put together course. The information was relevant to all areas of my work, and I know feel prepared and inspired to be interviewed in any situation.

Course was definitely value for money and I would recommend it to colleagues (and have done on my return today).

The diverse mix of people and the use of real examples helped create great interest.

The venue was quite cramped and either too hot or too draughty - might seem petty to mention this but it was quite headache-making by the end of the day - otherwise a good course. Thank you.

It was really helpful to hear the journalist point of view from someone with genuine experience.

A very useful workshop that has allayed many fears I had of working with the media. As the subject matter was very new to me I felt I could have done with longer breaks as it was a very full day. Having said that i don't know how it could be shortened as everything seemed so relevant. My only comment on the venue would be that having arrived at 9.15 some of us had to hang around outside the building until someone let us in!

I would have liked more training with dealing newspapers and press releases but this is an excellent courses that makes me want to carry on training with yourselves on other courses.

A little more in relation to print newspapers etc. would have been useful maybe tips on how to get articles into the press.

A very informative, educational & enjoyable seminar, thank you.

The venue was not particularly comfortable - the rooms and in particular the chairs were uncomfortable. However the training was of excellent standard, with a very knowlegable facilitator, who kept the pace and content appropriate. A good mix of delegates in attendance, whcih made for a very enjoyable day.A very enjoyable course - I will be looking out for more!!!

This was a fantastic workshop, which has left me feeling far more confident than I did previously. I will be recommending your training for others in my team to participate in. Many thanks.

I enjoyed the class and have already started to put some of the things I have learnt into practice. Although I am not doing any interviews myself I am supporting our members who wish to speak to journalists, I am able to support them more than I have done in the past. I am also more confident when I work with the media as a result of the training. I would recommend the course to a friend or colleague.

I would suggest either a change of venue OR at least a change of room, as the room provided was not suitable.

This was one of the best workshops I have attended. The facilitator was first class and I'm sure everyone went away feeling more confident about their roles as a result. Only negative was possibly the catering - not a very extensive range.

Richard was an extremely good facilitator - he was very professional and clearly knew 'his stuff'. However, he also drew upon and used very well personal experiences and tips/advice which were both interesting and useful.

Very informative yet enjoyable course - are there any follow ups to take it further?

You have a superb representative in Richard, who was wonderfully personable, informative and compelling in his delivery of the training in managing media relations. The day was full and thoroughly enjoyable, despite the generally dreaded filmed interviews - I came away with a vastly increased knowledge, an appreciation of the skills needed to improve our interaction with the media, and thoroughly impressed with Richard's ability to impart understanding to a disparate group, whose names and backgrounds he memorised immediately on introduction - an impressive skill indeed!!

This was a really interesting and challenging course. It makes such a difference to training events when the trainer is knowledgeable and credible - which Richard most definitely is. He was informative, entertaining, helpful and very approachable. As a Communications Officer I shall be recommending this course to the rest of my organisation.

I found Richard Uridge to be an excellent trainer.The session was informative, practical and fun. One of the best training events I have attended in a long time.

I would prefer the trainer to be a bit more critical about my existing performance so I could improve more.

Instructions for reaching venue on foot from Bristol Temple Meads station were very misleading - designed for people driving, not walking.

The trainer was experienced and highly competent. His presentation was confident and extremely perceptive of the various existing skills v. needs of his audience. Congratulations.

The course was good for people likely to do interviews. I feel my training budget could have been spent on something more relevent to my project.

Morning session was very intensive and felt a tad too long. I missed out on any training literature beforehand other than info on the trainer himself. It would have been useful to have a programme for the day. Trainer was excellent, great attitude and very professional.

Unlike previous media training (with Woodland Trust aeons ago) what stood out was the Trainer's knowledge of wildlife issues & being able to blend that with media requirements to provide highly relevant training.

Useful training although focus was very much on broadcast media. In my role, I am more likely to be dealing with local newspaper journalist. Thought provoking though, useful lessons to be learnt for everyday communication! Thank you.

Water available in the room, throughout the day.

Excellent and knowledgeable facilitator. Would have liked to look at printed media more. Spent a little too much time on the tv side of things. Room was a little small with no fresh air and awkward lighting. Made it a little tiring. Overall a very good course and I have learned techniques to take away with me. Would recommend others to go on it.

Feel much more confident in facing media interviews now.

Great course. A number of good takeaway points are easily remembered if I have to give a short notice interview.

I can honestly say this was the best training course I have been on. I have been disappointed generally in courses that I have attended in the past, however, I enjoyed this course immensely and got a lot out of it. Richard managed the workshop extremely well and all of the information given and the role playing helped me gain confidence and understanding of how TV and Radio work. I would recommend anyone to attend this course.

It was a great time and would have loved to have more recorded interviews.

Thoroughly enjoyable, thanks.

An excellent day. Many thanks for the tips/techniques - these are useful.

Richard is very knowledgeable. He creates a safe environment for the training which allows individuals to take risks. I really enjoyed (in a scary way!) and felt challenged by this workshop.

I felt that by the the time I was given the opportunity to try out what I had learned it was right at the end of the session and I was tired, headachey from the heat in the room and thinking about driving home, so I didn't really do it justice. I don't think this could be organised differently (except for sorting out the heat problem) and the course as a whole was very useful - media interviewers are a bit like barristers in terms of asking tricky questions!

A useful seminar which was enjoyable and relevant to our needs. Good use of participation kept the interest levels high.

I would have liked another chance to 'face the camera' as this was an area I needed help with.

A well organised workshop which gave me some very useful tools and more confidence as well.

Although I approached the day with trepidation it was effective thought provoking and enjoyable.Thank you for the very helpful information and the opportunity to try out the experience of being interviewed.

I thought the training provided by Richard Uridge was excellent.

I have been to many courses / workshops over a 30 year period and this was excellent - packed full of useful tips with an easy action plan approach to dealing with the media.

A very comprehensive one day course which sharpened up my previous training. A very enjoyable experience and I will strongly recommend you to my colleagues. Richard was very informative and an excellent communicator, testing our skills without destroying confidence.

This was one of the best courses I've been on. It completely demystified the journalism process and reduced my fear of being interviewd substantially.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt Richard was the perfect choice of trainer. Working with someone from the media made it especially relevant, and his manner put us at ease and helped us to understand the interview process. Working with the camera was also an excellent tool as it means if we are in the situation again we will be prepared for it.

It was an excellent course that crammed lots in to a small space of time. It provided valuable advice on interview techniques and there was plenty of oportunity to put them to the test. I came out far more confident about doing interviews than I did when I came in.

I felt the course was excellent and the trainer was very knowledgeable about his subject and able easily to disseminate that knowledge in a way that was clear and understandable to those of us who had never done anything like this before. I felt it would have been helpful to view a 'good interview' and a 'bad interview' from real situations to reinforce the training we were getting but there may not be time for fit that in as the programme was very full.

Although very wary at the beginning of the day, my confidence increased during the training. This was in no small part (down) to the facilitator who helped take the mystery/fearfulness out of giving an interview. Good practical advice.

Very useful and enjoyable. Richard Uridge was ideal facilitator - using his wide experience in a v helpful way. Practice media interviews were ideal.

I did not know if the trainers were aware of some people's nervousness but when this came up it was well handled.

Brilliant day, very well organised. Hopefully we'll be back for another course soon. Thanks.

The facilitator was fantastic.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I look forward to my next radio interview!

Very useful workshop. The strategies that were explained will be applicable to many aspects of my role in which communicating information or responding to questions is required, such as consultation events and presentations etc.

Workshop was very useful and challenging.

One of the best training courses I've ever taken. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is nervous about dealing with the media and wants to learn some key skills in how to come across better and ensure your message is heard.

I took part in my first local radio interview today, 2 days after this training. I felt confident that I was able to deliver some key messages. This is a valuable addition to my skills,thank you for this opportunity.

This workshop was excellent. I feel much more confident about dealing with media enquiries and also think that the strategies learnt will be useful in other work scenarios.

The training course was one of the most useful I have attended in recent years. The trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and provided very useful training. A day well spent.

Advanced Media Relations Skills

Thank you for a great day yesterday – it was really informative.

Thanks for a brilliant course yesterday! I am very grateful as I have a major issue to deal with today and being able to reconfirm my position in my own mind and maintain objectivity will be crucial to give the right messages. Thanks again!

I enjoyed the course very much, and putting in place some techniques today.
thank you,

Thank you very much for the training course yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Especially about risk assessments and the need for them every time.

I really enjoyed yesterday and came away with lots of ideas for my next training session.

It seemed a long way to come from Dorchester for training but can I please say how useful I found the day. I went home feeling it had been a day well spent and reassured and reaffirmed that although there is work I can do I do have assertiveness skills and am already using them. Thanks for a really beneficial day.

Hi Sandy,

Thank you so much for Friday. Myself and Kelly really enjoyed it and learnt so much

We have highly recommended your course to our Director

Many Thanks and Kind regards,

The workshop was most worthwhile, and highlighted a number of issues we will address as a Management Team, as we had all four members attending. The venue was disappointing for a high-value course, and was the only downside of a most interesting and producive day. I enjoyed the discussion and debate, and learnt a great deal from fellow delegates as well as from the formal presentations and activities.

This was my third training session with ACM and as usual i thouroughly enjoyed the session - excellent trainer

Very interesting, gave you confidence in your own abilbilites, although challenging.

Provision of written handouts essential.

The training day was of an exceptional quality from the external facilitation viewpoint. However the breaks were not catered for properly and the candidates ended up arranging the catering once the course was underway and it was clear that nothing had been organised by the Trust. It would also have been helpful to have handouts of the main points. It is now nearly 4 weeks post event and there has not been any access to on line course material as promised.

Thoroughly enjoyed and learned much that can be used in present area of work.

A very useful asnd educational day. The essentials of a large and complicated subject were managed well in a one day scenario.

An enjoyable and useful experience helped by the environment and small number attending

An excellent, experiential course which gave refreshment in communication skills as well as the opportunity to test out interview techniques. It's given me faith to book other training with you and I've forwarded your details and a recommendation to our training department / others.

I learnt a lot but availability of some material beforehand with clear messages and objectives which are then reinforced later will be great in fact you should try and develop a training DVD on this subject with help from an educational perspective to sell communication styles and techniques to students; the DVD could be a prelude to the course; this course is really good but has great potential to really make it superb especially considering your knowledge and really friendly and supportive style.

A good day of tailored training. I've been handling media interviews for over 15 years but I learnt some new and very hepful techniques during the course of the training.

Advanced Presentations Skills

Exceptionally useful training which will make my presentations more interesting.

Thank you - i have already used the information and experience gained on the course

Advanced Training Skills

Thanks Sandy, a very useful and worthwhile session.

As well as the content/deliverer's input, I found having a cross-sector group (i.e. HE, local government and NHS) particularly valuable as most training is normally within a sector (even if cross-organisational), so the sharing of different but related experiences was also really interesting.

I felt that because of the small group size (3 trainees) this contributed to a more tailored learning experience.

Assertiveness Training

Thank you Sandy, it was a fantastic course and I feel I have come away with some effective tools to use in order to be more assertive.

I did like the style of our trainer and appreciated her vast knowledge on this and other topics that she alluded to. Thank you.

One of the best training courses I've been on in a while.

Our Trainer Sandy was very helpful and led the course brilliantly. I feel I left learning a lot.

Thank you Sandy - it was a very useful training!

No suggestions - a really effective course

I enjoyed the course, implementing some techniques already.

Sandy was a fantastic trainer, ensuring we could all participate in a comfortable and safe environment. There was a good balance of group work and learning from the front. Sandy was a great role model for how to be assertive. Thank you very much, I have used the techniques almost daily.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I found the day extremely interesting and feel as though I have taken a lot away from the session with you.

It was such a pleasure to learn from you. What other training workshops could I find you on in the future?

It was a very informative course and I learnt alot about myself and how I wish to move forward. Many thanks.

It was an informative session. Many thanks for that.

Really enjoyed the course. I'm already practicing your suggestions and they're working well!

Good planned training that gave me plenty to think about. Thanks.

Very enjoyable - I expected to hate it and instead I found I really got in to it and believe I learned a lot from the day. Thanks Sandy!

I have already used one suggestion and with practice it will help me greatly. Sandy was very personable and knowledgeable. It was a really good course.

Sandy is an excellent trainer and has inspired me. I learned a lot from her, and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. I do think a single role play in front of everyone would have been really useful. The role play could demonstrate how to approach a relevant problem (that someone in the group is facing), with the trainer showing the most appropriate response vs passive/aggressive/passive-aggressive responses. I don't think too much time should be taken up with role play, but a simple demonstration would bring everything together.

Over all, a very worthwhile use of time and money, I have no regrets! Thank you!

Really enjoyed the course, the trainer was fantastic - really enjoyed the training

The course was really helpful and has boosted my confidence hugely. Sandy is a really inspiring person and she made me feel motivated to change the way I think in difficult situations. We learnt about skills for the work place but I have found it really valuable in home life too. I will definitely keep an eye out for future training. Thank you very much!

I thought the course was really great and have been talking about it ever since! Sandy was amazing a very empowering and confident person with lots of really useful tips to put into practise. I came out of the course feeling much more confident and keen to challenge my way of thinking. I will definitely consider going on other ACM course again.

Sandy is a great trainer and she delivered the training in an excellent way.

Thank you for the training course yesterday – I’ve already had to put it into practice this morning!

I have been on a number of 1 day training courses throughout the years and yesterday’s course was the best I have ever attended.
It was a great group led by an excellent facilitator.


I was ever so pleased that I learnt I can be assertive, that I was shown how to be assertive, and given a few insights that I will be thinking about for a long time. It was lovely to work with Sandy. She is an expert at showing people how an assertive person would act think and how to talk in an assertive way.I was so pleased I decided to train with her. Thank you very much indeed.

Thanks Sandy for an excellent course and workshop.

I already believe I have learnt a great deal from your course, I am certain I will find it useful . Thank you very much for showing me how to be assertive.I am looking forward to learning more as I go on with my life. Thank you very much for the tips , information and skills that you have shown me. I want to thank you specially for the insights that I keep thinking about. I believe the comment How would an assertive person act think and say will be vital for me. I thought our group were also very helpful. In my past I have done some group work at various courses, however I knew it was most important as I had been so looking forward to your course.

I attended the assertiveness course today in Manchester and I thought it was absolutely brilliant! Sandy is a fantastic trainer and I have never enjoyed a course so much and felt like I have left with tools for all parts of my life! Thanks!

Overall I really enjoyed the course and learnt useful information in this subject

Any of my responses that could be viewed as negative are purely based on the fact that there was not enough time to really get in to the material and not a reflection on the trainer or the content. I think if the course was spaced out to accomodate a second day then i would have gained more in terms of practical tips and strategies.

Sandy was very knowledgeable and worked well with everyone. When a question was asked she tailored the answered, relating it to the environments and scenarios of the person asking it.

An informative, empowering, positive day that discussed topics not only applicable to the work-place but to daily life. I really enjoyed the day.

Thanks again Sandy, really enjoyed the session and am putting some strategies into practice already! Tim

Sandy passed on key points from her research and experience which I can use to evaluate and improve my own situation. I found the training very clear and helpful.

An interesting course with a group of like minded people who were able to share individual experiences . Lots of follow up reading to do to further knowledge of Assertiveness. Thankyou

It was a good day and helpful but time was limited. I did find the day thought provoking and useful. Thank you.

A well-run, informative course. It's difficult in just a day to go very deep, and I wonder if you've thought about running a second day course to go deeper, or offering this as a two-day course? One practical thing I didn't think about until afterwards: I don't remember any information about what to do in the event of a fire alarm - I think there should be for future events.

I really enjoyed this training and it has given me a new confidence in dealing with my work situation and my personal confidence. Sandy Keeting is an excellent trainer and I would do more training with her in the future. What a pleasure to have spent the day with her.

Excellent trainer and covered content very well. Lunch might have included a drink. Difficult to cover everything in depth within time period and my personal interest with regard to body language and how you initially come across was only briefly touched on. Very good within the time limits, though ideally might be a 2 day course.

I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful however I feel it would benefit from being longer as at times it felt like we didn't go into as much depth as we could have.

Trainer was excellent - thank you

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for the information and knowledge you have passed to us last Friday. I have enjoyed the training and the subjects taught on the course.

I really enjoyed the course and it was very relevant to my experiences in my present job. The trainer, Sandy, was very good. We had a lovely bunch of people and we got on well together, which made the experience even better. I have picked up some useful tips, whixh I have already started putting into practice.

I think the workshop was a good starting point for becoming more assertive, providing us with lots of tools, but this is a subject which perhaps needs a more long term input with each individual having a mentor. Obviously this cannot be done in the setting of the workshop.
I have come across some of the material previously, but there were plenty of new things & refreshing stuff is always good. I enjoyed the day & found Sandy to be engaging & highly authentic.
It would be helpful if people were asked to switch off their mobile phones, as one person had theirs on & I felt was not fully engaged with either the group or Sandy. Normally I think this might not matter, but we were a small group, and it was quite distracting.

Interesting day

Sandy was an excellent trainer and it was a pleasure to attend her course.

I thought this was a well designed day that met the needs of the attendees. The trainer was flexible enough to focus on areas that the group raised as issues. I didn't realise before I went that I probably needed to do something more about dealing with difficult people than assertiveness - nevertheless I really enjoyed the day - short, focused and well worth it, thank you.

I would like to have spent more time on role playing putting the theory into action with a trained observer on hand to make suggestions. I will come to another ACM training day.

Sandy was very helpful and gave the group lots of encouragement Thanks Sandyx


Fantastic trainer.

The training course was extremely well delivered and has offered skills and knowledge for me to proceed with the aims of receiving the training. Thanks to Sandy.

I really enjoyed the whole day. Our trainer was exceptional with great knowledge. I believe this workshop was very helpful and will be useful for my job.

Woul've liked more practical examples of how to be assertive, break the ice, talk in meetings, increase confidence etc but Sandy was a capable and efficient trainer.

A really good day, I went away feeling empowered! Sandy was good at giving practical examples and advice for dealing with real life scenarios. Above all, her assertive and fair personality was, by it's own nature, an example to the group. I have already recommended the course to a colleague who will be in touch soon. I'd be happy to hear about other coyrses you run.

It was a very useful and informative course.
I have been trying to put what I learnt into practice every day.

Sandy Keating was an excellent Tutor, right from the start she made me feel at ease with her friendly approach. I feel the amount of people on the course was just about right, if it had been any larger a group I don't believe people would have felt as comfortable about speaking out. All in all an excellent course.

outstanding course

Furthermore, can I thank you for a really useful day and congratulate you on your training model. During times of austerity, especially within the charity and voluntary sector, your service is still enabling us to develop professionally. ACM provides great value for money. (You can use this if you like!)

Building, Leading & Maintaining Effective Teams

I thought Sandi was great. Knowledgable, clear and delivered in a really good way. I felt (and still feel) enlightend, enabled and empowered. I'm certainly going to apply the methods Sandi introduced me to and use the tools provided. I would certainly recommend.

excellent trainer

Very useful, very well organised, enjoyable course. Many thanks

excellent day - numbers were just right - thanks

i enjoyed the course alot and have found it very useful since. would love to do another follow on.

I found the course to be really inspirational and motivating, enjoyed the day and could have gone on longer.The trainer controlled the group and kept us all focused.

My 'neutral' answers above do NOT reflect on Sandy, who was excellent all through, but were a result of circumstances, so I feel a bit awkward. Here are my reasons:
The location of the training had to be changed at fairly short notice because of flooding in Datchet, and the room was really too small. Sandy wasn't able to start on time because several of us had problems in the recommended car park and had to wait for help. Once everyone assembled, Sandy didn't want to hurry through the opening activities, but the day 'slipped' and the afternoon felt very rushed. In addition, due to e-mail problems, we didn't have the programme ahead of time, so I wasn't sure what to expect and mentally prepare for.
On the positive side, I was really glad to do all the tests and questions, to find out more of my own style and personality. I will definitely use these tools with my team.

Complaint Handling Techniques

Sandy was a great trainer. I really appreciate her still running the course with just 2 of us but as a result I think I got so much more out of this course. Please pass on my thanks.

Great day, enjoyable and informative. Sandy was an excellent trainer.

Hi Sandy

It was great to meet you last Thursday and to attend the short course which I found most helpful. Shame it was not longer! It did help to meet others in the same type of environment.

I stuck to my pledge over the weekend!

Creative and professional writing skills

Really interesting and motivating session. I certainly learnt alot. The only comment I have about the venue was that the room wasn't particularly well- ventilated and I felt a little uncomfortable towards the end, but other than that, the location was fine and easy to get to.

Very enjoyable course with lots of the all important humour! Picked up some really useful tips which I can use, hopefully making otherwise dry and dull documents a bit more lively!! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this workshop and it gave a good hints and tips to my future writing, Thank you a lot Richard!

Training was good and interesting but not 100% relevannt to my job/sector (media) but that's only fair as it was not a media workshop!

I'm sending my colleagues along to your next workshop I found it so useful. Perhaps a smaller group size would help though I understand the economies of scale. Thank you.

Money well spent. It's made me approach the writing process in a much more scientific way. I think about what you said every time I have to write something. Would recommend highly.

Excellent value for money. Thanks.

I am now following the hints and tips we covered on the day and I have to say it's made my writing so much more enjoyable and I hope more readable although you'll have to ask my colleagues that!

Fantastic practical advice that I can put to good use in my writing immediately. Thank you Richard.

I'd like to request an electronic copy of any notes to accompany this course so that I can disseminate recommended practise to colleagues. Do you have any notes to accompany the professional writing skills course that you could email to me?

An enjoyable and informative day - thank you.

The trainer was very knowledgeable, friendly and was able to get his message accross clearly and what he taught us was extremely useful.

The food was not suitable and delegates went out to eat instead. The orange juice was also sour.

The trainer was particularly good and had a really welcoming manner

Crisis communications and media management

Insightful. Worth every penny. You'd pay ten times as much for this elsewhere.

Richard Uridge is an excellent trainer and draws on his extensive experience and journalistic background. He is very generous with his "insider" tips. I think that the whole group benefitted greatly from the day.
Suggestion - two days of training would be even better.

Customer Complaint Handling

Thank you again for your insights and thoughts during the course – it really was such a fantastic day!

Thank you very much for the documentation and also such an enjoyable course. We both learnt a lot about others but also about ourselves. We will be recommending you to our HR for your courses.

Dealing with Change

Great course I'd recommend Sandy as a trainer to anyone. Minor gripe the 4.00 finish was earlier than expected.

Dealing with Difficult People

I am keen to explore what other courses/workshops ACM offers with a view to organising other events for our group - perhaps six-monthly or annually. Thank you.

Hi Sandy, I just want to say thank you for an excellent workshop last Thursday. The feedback I have received has been extremely positive and I think we all feel better equipped to deal with some of the problems faced both in and out of the workplace. Thank you again.

It was a delight to meet and work with you on Friday also, and we all found the course incredibly helpful. We may see you in the future for one of your other courses, and we will definitely be recommending you!

Excellent training and really enjoyed the training style. We didn't cover specific tools on the day but the large amount of follow up information sent through covered this aspect for me, so really pleased.

Enjoyed the course thank you

the trainer made everyone feel relaxed and made sure all joined in and were working at the right pace. Very knowledgeable.

Thank you and for a very good day yesterday. I feel I will have chance to practise it in my role. It certainly helped me readjustment my thinking – I just need to maintain it! It was lovely to meet you.

Have discussed with line manager and training officer booking you direct endorsing the course with a view to training wider staff groups in our organisation which they confirmed they follow up on. Positive training experience, thank you.

Excellent course managed by an excellent trainer. Really like the way Sandy managed the day and I came away feeling more confident in managing my staff. Thank you

Sandy is a great trainer - thanks.

Training is one of the best training courses I have attended and was well planned and just what I was looking for

I found the workshop incredibly helpful in getting perspective on difficulties with my manager. I realise in retrospect that I had become quite negative about the situation. thanks very much for your help, really useful!

Thanks for these and for yesterday. I have been to some particularly uninspiring workshops recently, so it was nice to be made to think, to engage and to feel I have come away with new skills.

Many thanks for the training yesterday, its one of the best training sessions I have ever attended it was very informative and gave me the skills I need to move forward. Thanks again,

Really enjoyed the session and liked the trainer's direct approach.

Sandie keeps what can be a dry subject matter interesting by pacing the sessions well.
I would recommend the course to someone new into management as it would be a good guide to avoiding the usual pitfalls.
I really enjoyed Sandie's teaching style

Very good trainer

Workshop was excellent!

Great course, as always!

Many thanks for a great session yesterday. It was lovely to meet you and I got a lot out of the session.

Very very good trainer who was clearly knowledgeable and experienced, but also very accessible. The course served mainly as a refresher for me, but some of the material I already knew of was put across in a much better way than I've experienced before. The only improvement I can suggest is that while there was opportunity for delegates to bring their own experiences of DWDP in the group work in smaller groups, that opportunity wasn't there when the trainer was talking to the whole group. But an excellent course!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it very well-paced, informative and inspiring.

The practical dos/donts, tips etc that came out afterwards were very good. More reference to practical application at the time might be good. The models etc are good. I was surprised the Thomas Kilman wasn't in there but there's only so much you can cover in the time. These are nit-picky points - it was excellent and I would recommend it and Sandy to others

excellent course

Sandy the trainer was clearly very competent and managed to meet the requirements of the group without jeopardising the brief for which appointed.

The course content was tailored to our needs. The day was structured really well but also allowed us to divert into areas relevant to us when necessary. The trainer was dynamic and engaging. I thought the approach was really objective, guiding us to focus on our own behaviour and communication style rather than demonising the 'difficult people' we encounter. I found the course really interesting and practically useful. I successfully used the skills I had learnt the day after the course!

Fantastic trainer, she knew the subject so well she could talk extremely confidently without any prompt or paper.

This was a very helpful reminder of and addition to previous L&D on dealing with difficult people, in particular on how to try to identify and head off problems before they become really difficult and/or entrenched. The written material is a good reference source for tackling future problems. Thank you.

I’m not able to wait for your feedback questionnaire – I wanted to feedback that I’ve had a successful meeting with a ‘long term’ difficult person today! I felt I remained in control of the meeting, kept the meeting about the work rather than a personal issue, remained on topic and kept asking my colleague for their suggestions/solutions. Thank you so much. It’s a small step but I feel completely buoyed when only last week I was feeling absolutely deflated!

Thank you for the very good course – already had feedback that someone has put your points into practice today at a one-to-one tricky meeting and felt empowered that it was the right direction to take and that she kept to the point.

Excellent, would recommend it to other people. Sandy explained the training really well, and was very helpful.

I am emailing you to say how much I enjoyed the training day today. Although I do not deal directly with the public (being the Clerical Assistant), it has opened my eyes up to life in general and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I very much enjoyed the course and have found it very useful. I'd highly recommend it!

I really enjoyed this training, it was really good and I'd recommend it to others.

Very well run course, Sandy was great and answered any questions I had and provided suggestions too.

Just wanted to thank you for running this excellent course. I would highly recommend this day to friends and colleagues!

The session yesterday was brilliant and I took a lot of learning away with me. Hopefully see you again in the future for more training!

Thanks Sandy, really enjoyed the training today, it was really good.

Sandy was very engaging throughout the day which facilitated effective learning

A really really good course with a great trainer.

It was enlightening and exactly what I needed. I don't generally enjoy this type of thing but it has really opened my eyes. I think Sandy was inspirational.

The resources are really useful thanks. Venue etc great. Content – comprehensive. Some things I am aware of already which are always good to remind myself of , some new learning and new ideas – so a good balance. A chance to check in with how I am doing and look at my own strategies; whether I can try anything new. Good tips. Good group work sessions, well timed,

Excellent teaching style – very engaging, affirming, demonstrating high level of experience and knowledge . Excellent group management, and balance between group activities and listening. No labouring over theories which was good – just here they are they might help.

Very enjoyable day. I came away with increased energy for dealing with DPs and increased optimism. I cc my locality manager and will recommend your company again should we have a training need.

Really enjoyed the course. It made me realise I'm actually more assertive than I thought I was. I feel much more confident and far less stressed about dealing with difficult people. It was a revelation to be told that their bad behaviour is not my fault! I found the trainer very engaging and interesting. I also enjoyed working with the other trainees. The only part of the day that didn't work for me was the lunch break. Half an hour would have been fine if sandwiches had been provided but it wasn't long enough to have to go outside and buy food and find somewhere to eat it. It felt very rushed. It might have been better to advise us to bring food in with us. Other than that, a very enjoyable and useful day.

It was a really good mix of delegates, which helped in sharing different experiences. Sandy was inspiring and motivating and covered the subject really well. It would be really nice to have more training with Sandy (we spoke about getting info on the HAC course).

Very well run training. The trainer kept the groups attention throughout by using different training styles which I found very enjoyable

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was very relaxed and informative, a good use of my time!

Trainer was extremely good, especially in controlling those who wanted it to be all about their problems!

The training was very good, my only issue was that it focussed on dealing with difficult people in your work environment whereas I deal with difficult people as part of my role who are members of the general public and not colleagues. This issue is of course personal to me and obviously I had different objectives to the rest of the group. Still a useful workshop though.

Sandy was absolutely brilliant, I have genuinely never a trainer who is so engaging yet assertive whilst maintaining the interest of a large group of people throughout the whole session. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have already lined up another one of her courses to attend next year. Thank you for the invaluable knowledge and a truly enjoyable training session.

Fabulous course. Shame that the training room was so small with no natural light

This course was geared to dealing with difficult people on a face-to-face basis. This was very helpful, but when I applied for this course I was thinking more of difficult service users to the Council who either write or phone with issues, which was not addressed in the same way. However, I do have tricky people in the workplace too, so came away extremely enlightened! Thank you.

Sandy is a very "engaging" trainer. I am certainly trying very hard to put in to practice some of the strategies in dealing with DP in the workplace that I learned on the day.

Workshop exceeded my expectations

The day was a very interesting one and made more interesting by the excellent trainer.

I found the stragies useful I will use most of these if not all when I deal with people.

I attended this as a refresher and found it really useful. On a personal level, I was pleased that I was already putting into action a lot of the strategies discussed but it was also a good reminder of some I've not used. I do think the group could be dominated by one or two people - also I would have liked the message that 'we an be difficult people too' to be reiterated more in terms of self-awareness of our own prejudices! I think this was sometimes lost in group discussion ie what is it about us that might need to change. Finally, I think it was great to stick to time but again, personally, I think promising to finish between 4-4.30pm would have meant the last session was a little less rushed. Thank you, it was an enjoyable day.

Sandy is a highly skilled and passionate trainer. She shared with us some of her own experiences so was able to identify with us and our own workplace experiences. I will definitely try to attend more of these workshops. Many thanks.

This was a most enjoyable and informative course which allowed great participation in a way that I have never experienced in a training course - it brings with it difficult issues that are personal and they were handled with great integrity and skill. Thank you - the notes are very comprehensive

Really enjoyable course and engaging tutor

I just wanted to thank you and say that I found the course really useful. Having the time to speak with other people in the same line of work is always reassuring.

Hi Sandy,

I absolutely loved your training.


The training was fantastic, the training delivery was brilliant and kept me engaged throughout (which I know can be hard after lunch). I learnt a lot about myself and it was brilliant to work as a team in problem solving some of the challenging issues we face regarding difficult people. I would highly recommend this to others.

Yesterday was brilliant and everyone was really pleased with the session. So thank you

I honestly didn't expect to get as much out of the course as I did, so thank you very much!

I really enjoyed the course; I could have done with having attended a couple of years ago, but it's never too late to learn! My colleagues and I went for a few glasses of wine afterwards (making the most of an early finish; something we rarely do and intend to do more of!) and we had plenty to discuss so thank you for your great advice and encouragement!

thoroughly enjoyed the day . I believed i knew all about dealing with challenging people having interviewed for 27 years, however i did not know me that well! I now understand them better and learnt something new . thank you

Thoroughly enjoyed the course which was both informative and interesting and more importantly was pitched at the correct level. The trainer was very knowledgable of the subject and presented the course very well and professionally.

Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Very good and very useful course

Thank you again for the excellent course on Friday – thank you.

Really enjoyed the day, Sandy was lovely! Thank you!

Excellent course, Sandy was very knowledgeable and engaging.

I found this course to be incredibly helpful and well delivered by a very engaging and knowledgable trainer. The course and accompanying learning environment provided me with reassurance that I can deal with difficult people provided I implement the strategies discussed.

really useful workshop and feel much better equipped to deal with people going forward, as well as more self aware

A really useful course, Thanks. i will recomend to others at work was one of the best days training I've had...feel invigorated & optimistic...Thanks ACM Training

The tutor was very good. I found the course very useful and I had no difficulties understanding.

Overall excellent 1-day course and Sandy is a very engaging and knowledgeable trainer. The course met my personal objective of having a "refresher" course (and check on my own practices) and the opportunity to discuss with others. The written materials / reading lists are also very useful.

Very professionally run course.

Thanks Sandy

It was an excellent course! I learnt a lot and have already started recommending it to others.

Thanks again and have a good weekend

excellent trainer

I thought the exercises were good and the delvery was excellent.

This was an excellent course, very empowering and thought provoking. Not many courses arm you with useful tools and strategies to implement immediately. Very well presented with a good balance between listening and talking activities.
Thank you very much.

I found the course very useful and thought the trainer delivered it well.

This course came at a really good time for me, it reiterated and reinforced what i thought i knew and introduced new elements. I particularly liked the personality test - i now understand why i am like the way i am and i am very proud to find i am a rare personality type. i thought Sandy was a brilliant trainer - she really seemed to understand people. Thank You. I would definitely attend another course.

Great day, great value for money. As ever the key is having a topic delivered by an enthusiatic , knowledgable tutor with a sense of humour.

Enjoyed the training. Set at a good pace. Found it useful to dedicate a day thinking about how best to approach my difficult person moving forwards.

re content taylored to my own needs - Sandy kindly answered my own case study queries during a tea break - so that was
covered indirectly

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for an incredibly useful training.

Hi Sandy
Thanks for a lovely day and for chatting with me during the afternoon break – much appreciated.
I found the day useful and have many ideas now on how to tackle 'things' going forward.

Really good training - very useful and I have already started using some of the strategies within my work setting.
Thank you.

Just a thank you for your professionalism yet human touch

A great course - very well facilitated by Sandy. Provided a good range of tools for use in dealing with problem behaviour! Thank you.

A very good course which gave useful advice and information on how to deal with difficult people.

minor comment - some decaff coffee or herbal tea option would have been well received however this in no way detracted from the event and merely shows how well everything was run! Lunch menu was brilliant! Thank you.

The venue was great. The trainers style was very personable. I really enjoyed meeting the other delegates and working with them. It was good to have a variety of people from different backgrounds to share experiences with Thank you Sandy.

Great study day - very in formative and helpful.Thank you.

I found the workshop immensely valuable - extremely well presented with plenty of learning aids and interactive opportunities. Everything from the venue, refreshments ( I didn't order lunch)and the trainer was of a very high standard and would highly recommend.

A very professionally organised event great facility- be it a little out of the way, perfect day thanks you

Sandy a very big thank you it was an extremely thought provoking day.
New skills learnt worked the very next day, long may it last!!
Hope to see you soon.

very enjoyable and relevant to both personal and professional life

Almost all participants were there due to bullying in the workplace, which I was not. Given the bias the day was excellent. I would have happily attended a longer course as the day was fascinating and the tutor excellent.

This workshop equipped me with confidence and knowledge to tackle difficult situations. I have already had opportunity to put the principles into practice, and they worked! many thanks for a really useful day.

One of the best best courses I have attended will definately look to attend more of them if possible

I had been on similar training days, but not for some time. Therefore although there was little in the workshop that was entirely new to me, I thought that it was well organised and well run. I also think that to refresh one's awareness of the issues surrounding dealing with difficult people is in its own right beneficial, as it all helps to embed understanding of the issues and build confidence. I thought that a particular strength of this workshop was in encouraging assertive behaviour as well as 'professionalising' one’s response to problems one may face at work e.g. not taking things personally, not taking problems home etc.

One of the best courses I have attended in a long time! It is always great to have a refresh in this area and I was pleased to learn some new strategies of dealing with challenging people. I would thoroughly recommend this course.

I would have liked to have spent a bit longer on 'not taking things personally' but appreciate the time constraints on the day. I'm already putting into place some of the techniques taught on the day.

Well run course trainer had good knowledge and experience of the subject would recommend to others

excellent have work in an area that has by its nature a difficult client group and it was good to stop and focus on what and how to do.

Apologies for my delay in responding. I found the course helpful, and meeting others with similar problems is always valuable. Personally, I was revisiting the subject, having faced a difficult individual/ situation at work. The most useful aspect for me was gaining the other person's perspective, and learning (on reflection) how to avoid getting into that situation in the first place.
Very informative session; the trainer was exceptionally engaging and professional, and I would happily recommend this course to anyone involved in managing people, difficult or otherwise!

I really enjoyed the session and thought Sandy was a fantastic trainer and facilitator. Although I got a lot from the session, it concentrated on 'dealing with conflict' and thankfully at the moment my difficult person is just a bit tricky to deal with as opposed to having a situtaion where we have been in conflict. I hope that makes sense and is not meant as a critiscm.

A great course! Only downside was lack of parking at the venue.

Really useful and enjoyable course, and as a trainer, great to be inspired by such an enthusiastic, knowledgable and engaging trainer!

Agood course I would recommend to other

I very much enjoyed the course that Sandie delivered, this was as much down to the others in the group who I was able to work really well with as the course itself. It was really useful to discuss issues around difficult people I have encountered and explore strategies for managing relationships in the future. I agreed with comments I heard from other attendees that the course would have benefited from 'role play' work which I had thought would have been included, as although this is challenging and difficult for some people, I believe it would have really helped with embedding and understanding the concepts introduced in the course and would allow attendees to explore/understand their own behaviour and reactions to difficult behaviour exhibited by others. I think the subject is suitable for more practical scenarios and less theoretical discussion. Despite this, I enjoyed the course more than I expected to. Thank you.

I enjoyed the day and the Trainer was very professional and engaging. However, what i would have found useful would have been to have done a case study on a few more dealing with difficult trainees. Also, maybe having to deliver a presentation each may have been useful as a mini task, to share good techniques (perhaps preparing it before the day's training maybe).

One last thing. I haven't received my certificate, as i was a replacement (we informed you 10 days prior to training). i look forward to receiving it.

Overall, i enjoyed the session and also networking.

Many thanks

A really enjoyable day spent with a group of really interesting people. I thought Sandy pitched it just right and I came away feeling like I'd learnt and reflected a lot.

Sandy is a great communicator and had good rapport with the group.

Excellent training really useful

Very helpful, gave me an invaluable psychological insight to my own role within the University dealing with Appeals/Complaints.

I found the course very helpful and enjoyable, it was good to have a fairly small group, although most of us already knew each other. Sandy was very good in her delivery and approach and encouraged interaction with other members of the group. Thank you

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and was pleased it was a small group, as it gave everyone the opportunity to take part asking questions etc. Huge thanks to Sandy!

I took away from the training that I am actually more assertive than I realise! Although it is difficult to know what to do in certain situations , I hope from this course I am now a bit more equipped in knowing what to do in difficult situations. I also took away how to handle feedback bad feedback to colleagues, i.e. give them something good first followed by the bad feedback, the latter is something my personality type struggles with. Although I have recently done the Myers Briggs had I not it was definitely worth doing as it has made me more self-aware. The trainer was also engaging and made the session lively and entertaining. thank you!

the training was fantastic and the trainer was brilliant - thank you sandy!

Sandy was a great trainer. I felt she kept you engaged all the time.

A very enjoyable training session delivered in a friendly manner.

The trainer understood the needs of the group and individual circumstances and was able to advise on strategies for the future. I felt this training was the best i have ever attended, as not only will apply the learning to my work, I will also use the learning to develop myself as a person and think about my approach when facing difficult people.

Only down fall is I would have liked the learning material before I attended the course, so I can have the pack to use as reference at home, but i do have access to the website, which I will explore when i am less busy.

Many thanks

Caroline Aromorach

The course has enabled me to bring back some useful guidelines to pass on to colleagues.

Sandy was excellent - real explained both sides of the coin - and the course content made me look at people and their behaviour in a different way.

i'm very pleased i attended this wrokshop; it reinforced my previous knowledge and gave me the confidence to understand that my approach to dealing with my challenge was the most apprpriate method, backed up by your training. it taught me that the protocol i've imposed was the correct route to tackle the issues. thank you.

I thought taking us out to a pub for a meal was a lovely idea, we all enjoyed that. The course was brill and Sandy was lovely too. I would deffinately attend another course and look forward to it! 10/10 :D

I would have liked more practical exercises. I knew a lot of theory on this subject but would have liked more time to learn about the actual dealing with these situations e.g. tone of voice to use, language to use or to avoid etc. I think there could have been more fitted in with slightly less break time. Great trainer! Thanks, Lynne

I would have welcomed a section on dealing with violent customers. Apart from that, brilliantly commonsense, constructive participatory instruction. Sandy made me feel very welcome as with everybody so the class and groups as a whole bonded well. Thus we listened, advised and learned from each other with Sandy's careful and considered guidance as well as from her experienced knowledge. Excellent value for money, thank you all very much!

I have used the techniques that Sandy suggested about what to do when you take work home. I have passed this strategy onto "others". I very much enjoyed this course and would like to do a follow up when possible (work permitting), Thank you

Sandy was an excellent trainer, and I feel much more equipped to deal with difficult people following the course. Thank you.

A fabulous course. The trainer was brilliant and provided me with great practical ideas to take back to work and try out. A really worthwhile day out of work. THANK YOU

This was a great course and delivered in a very refreshing way. Thank you - I have already recommended you to other people where I work!

there was a good variety of activity and oppertunities to speak with others as well as have personal issues addressed.
Thankyou :-)

Trainer excellent

A challenging, thought-provoking but fun day. Thank you Sandy!

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it both informative and engaging. I would like to have seen a few more practical activities but apart from that everything was great!

I enjoyed the course and Sandy was very good.

Sandy was excellent.

I expected more role-play - dealing with unexpected difficult people nad openly aggressive people/ racist people. The group's needs were well addressed but as I had a more general need (rather than dealing with specific difficult people all day) I don't think I got as much out of it as some other people did. The trainer was really good and some of her advice on managing the situation at home (e.g. don't take it home with you) as well was really good. More role play would have been good - maybe get a drama student that the group doesn't know to come in and confront people so its more realisitc.

I was very happy with the course and I found all the information to be very useful to my own circumstances.

The training was fun, engaging and relevant - thanks Sandy!

I found the trainer's advice and the personality information/brainstorms and case studies to be most valuable

The trainer was really informative and interesting and had a wealth of useful tips.

Great techniques for helping to stop a conflict from escalating and getting out of control. Liked the practical activities and especially the chance to talk to other people about my situation.

Good strategies for calming difficult people. thanks.

Particularly liked chance to use my own experience, and Sandy gave us the right amount of time to work with other people and to run the session herself. I'd recommend to my colleagues, love to send my difficult staff member along too!

Excellent ideas about how to change the way I see conflicts. Understand I can't change bullies but I know how to cope with them better now. Thanks

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience. It's good to know that I'm not the only one out there with impossible staff. I've already been able to put into practice some of the tips for handling my difficult manager.

Very informative and helpful

There were initial difficulties finding the correct location but I am not sure where the fault was. Anyway, Sandy handled the situation in the most professional manner. The course was useful and also the notes. Sandy was very focused, had a good pace and delivered the course very effectively. I would recommend her any time. Thank you.

Dealing with Workplace Stress

I found the work shop very useful

Developing Effective Training Programmes

Thank you Sandie. Excellent day.

Effective Training Skills - train-the-trainer

This was a fantastic workshop, and just what i was looking for. It enabled me to clarify a few existing strategies as well as learn some new ones. Sandra held a safe and ecouraging space for us to all explore the area's of facilitation that we wanted to individually as well as a group. I walked away with more confidence and tools to enable me to facilitate effectivley. I would highly recommend this course to those who are going to facilitate groups or are already doing so.

Could have been more intensive , the style of teaching whilst effective mitigated against wider coverage of the subject --perhaps balance was slightly too much towards active as opposed to more passive styles of learning to cover the subject matter

Really enjoyed the day & I think that we got more out of it as we were a very small group & everyone took part fully. Has made me re-assess my skills which I felt were only "facilitator" skills and when I got the opportunity this week to lead a training session I was using/thinking about training strategies, group dynamics & whether the aims & objectives were appropriate. Thank you!

I normally feel uncomfortable on courses which are 'involved' like this one, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it! I thought that Sandy was an excellent trainer, in that she was encouraging and positive and it was clear that she 'knew her stuff'. We had a lovely group and the course flowed really well. My only negative comment would be in relation to the directions to the Broadwalk Centre - the instructions weren't clear in that it directed you either north, south, east or west (tricky without a compass!) and also the directions said that the venue was located next to the Museum, which it isn't. But it didn't cause any major problems, and everyone found it ok.
A very enjoyable and worthwhile course, and one that I came away with actually having learned something. Thank you.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it extended my knowledge and experience immensely, and not only did I learn somegreat techniques and strategies, I also think this will change the way I participate in session that I attend due to understanding the reasoning behind the different uses of audience engagement.

Perhaps the workshops could be split into beginners and those who are improving their skills. I felt I didn't contribute much on day 1 as I didn't have any experience to draw from.

I thought this was an excellent course, well tutored and a positive experience all round.

Ideally in the future whether is possible to organise dedicated workshops for different sectors (, retail, education etc). For example, in the above workshop there was a number of attendees who could easily fit in an education-oriented group.

I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to others. Definitely gained something from it.

Thanks for a fun course!!!!

Sandra is a brilliant course leader. This was the most useful training I have received to date - thanks.

I left the training with increased awareness of my strengths as a trainer and with tools to improve the areas in which I feel less comfortable. I would be interested in doing the course again in a couple of years. It is the type of course where we can always learn and get constructive feedback to continue to improve as a trainer.

Emergency Planning and Call Handling

Made me think more when people ring in.

A really useful day, extremely beneficial. Thank you

This was one of the best training courses I have been on. The trainer was excellent, approachable, human and realistic.

Extremely useful training - many thanks Richard.

More practice time would have been good, maby 1 more day. It was a very enjoyable day Thank You

I thought Richard was both very professional and very proficient. I could not recommend this course or Richard as a trainer highly enough. The training i recieved will prove to be invaluable should I be needed in an emergency situation and for my continued professional development. Many Thanks

Richard's style of delivery was excellent

I would have liked to do another role play as I felt I made mistakes in my first one and wasn't allowed to rectify them. I understand the time constraints. I wonder if smaller roleplaying groups doing pre-written scenarios might be more effective as you could have more tries whilst keeping the peer review system. This may need more facilitatiors though as more potential to descend into chaos! Overall a good day well spent. I feel alot more confident about doing the job in hand. Thanks.

It was VERY prefessional.
Pity we could not emulate the operational side as well. But that would have needed Saturday as well.
Would this training be useful for working on the telephones at The Samaritans? Esp since they are recruiting on local radio and in other media just now.

Excellent training and very effective. Lots of humour and everyone joined in. Really nice to have a difffernt perspective. Great, I want to do it again.

A good learning day and lots of fun at the same time.

A very worthwhile training day.

Some real life examples. Calls that had been recorded in emergency situations played to the group for example. It was an excellent and enjoyable course. Good for team building as well as skill development.

Joining instructions were not rec'd before the training so no idea of course content/aims of the day.

Thank you for allowing me to Observe. I have given the feedback above as an Observer. I found the training to be extremely useful, relevant and interesting. I'm sure all the attendees got a lot out of the day!

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed - and benefitted from - Wednesday's session. Please pass on my thanks to Richard for a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day. The session delivered a great deal of relevant information and insight but was also great fun.

The next training session would need to be a fullscale test of the Emergency Plan involving all personnel.

The course was excellent and Richard was a very skilled communicator and educator, I learnt a lot!

Printed material, covering the main learning points, would have been nice.

I really enjoyed the course. I found it enlightening and entertaining.

Overall a very good and enjoyable course. Richard succeeded in creating a comfortable atmosphere for role play which for some is very daunting. He had obviously done prior research and I was impressed with his knowledge of the area etc when setting the scenarious that we were dealing with. It made it a lot more realistic. Overall an excellent day and one of the best courses that I have attended.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great days training.It's not often that I have come out of training run by the CC and felt it had been a worth while day. I certainly now feel more prepared to become part of a team that can deliver what is needed in a crisis.

Thanks to Richard for making us feel comfortable whilst in role-play. I enjoyed the day immensely. I learned more about what to expect in a crisis and at the end of the day felt confident to face an emergency if/when the situation arises.

I have to say our trainer Richard was fantastic and made the whole day enjoyable, relevant and worthwhile. Well done!!!! The only thing I would like to have seen was a more structured reflective learning session with some supporting material.

No dessert at lunch! Full credit to Richard. His experiences and advise were highly relevant.

Really enjoyed the training, didn't know what to expect, but found it very interesting!

An excellent course tailored to meet the needs of employees having to adapt to call handling procedures in an emergency situation.

I would just like to say a personal thank you to Richard for making the day such a success. After speaking with some of my other colleagues since the course that day, we all agreed that it was down to Richard's balance of professionalism, experience, and good humour that made it a highly valuable exercise and a pleasure to be in his company - and I certainly felt more empowered when answering the phone for the first time today! Many thanks, Lucy Salvage, East Sussex County Council.


Very enjoyable session

A good session
A lot to absorb in the time allocated
the follow up materials were most useful.

Thoroughly enjoyable day and very good to mix with people arranging such a wide range of events. That in itself was an eye opener.

It was a great training day and I have highly recommended you all to my colleagues.

Thank you so much for the information and the course today. I really enjoyed it and got a lot from the day.

I really enjoyed the course today and will certainly be recommending it to others, and will look at your other courses myself.

It was a very well run and enjoyable course and I came away wishing it had been longer! Some areas could have been covered in more depth but I appreciate the subject matter was so broad any one topic could have been a days training in its own right!

The faciliator was one of the best I have encountered. There was lots in the day to provoke thoughts and to reflect on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Tuesday and it was particularly nice to meet other delegates who also worked in universities because we all seem to encounter similar problems! I have already started breaking tasks down onto post-it notes and that is already proving to be a successful approach! Thanks again for running such a thought provoking session – it’s a shame it was only 1 day!

It was a very enjoyable and informative day!

Thank you very much for the course yesterday, i thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, the information in your following email looks great!

Thank you so much for today, it was incredibly insightful.

Thank you for a very useful and enjoyable session on organising events yesterday. You certainly practice what you preach! I would certainly recommend you and your training to others - we managed to cover a lot of points in quite a short session.

Sandy is a great facilitator, very welcoming and easy to engage with. I enjoyed being with the variety of people who attended the course - hearing from their experiences really helped my learning. The only suggestion I'd make for improvement would be to tailor courses more to individual needs - perhaps by organising courses specifically for certain types of events and organisers from particular sectors, so that there is more crossover and common ground for course attendees. This way, it would be possible to cover certain subjects in more depth. Thanks!

Sandy was very inspiring!

excellent course. very interactive. one of the best I have attended

Many thanks for the training session yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the course and great to meet you on Thursday.

I really enjoyed meeting you and the course was good to recap on things and re-think some elements, amongst some very nice people.

I particularly liked the way we kept changing who we worked with.

Where I have marked lowly(eg aware of group problems) it is because I think that possibly the trainer wasn't briefed well enough beforehand regarding our needs. I think there was the potential to tailor programme stronger. Not the fault of the trainer, more the clarity from the organisation, as the trainer was excellent at reacting to our needs on the spot.

It was a fantastic workshop and very interactive but not in a scary way!

Great course, well thought out agenda, and trainer was very knowledgable.

Great workshop and trainer

Ifound the trainer to be knowledgable and energetic. Using our own confidential examples from work was inspirational and helpful. I liked the make of the group as we were all from different places of work

This was one of the best training days that I have attended. Sandy was an excellent trainer and we came back with several new strategies for managing our team workload which we have already implemented! A really worthwhile day - thank you.

The trainer incorporated a good balance of subject matter, humour and challenges and pitched it at the right level for the mixed group.

Enjoyed the day and it enabled me to highlight areas where our managers can improve for us to improve on events delivery. Thank you.

I was very impressed with Sandy the trainer, she was very knowledgeable

Sandy is a great trainer - it was a useful day. On the refreshment front - I would have loved some decaf tea or coffee to be available

Very impressed with the trainer. Engaged everyone well.

Very good training technique, probably one of the best I have had! Would attend again and would definitely recommend!

I really enjoyed my day on Friday and with such a nice group. It was good to find out that what I am currently doing is along the right lines!

With thanks.

Thank you for your time & a pleasure to be a participant of your course most helpful 😊

thank you again for such a great course on Friday. I really enjoyed the course and learned a huge amount that will be of practical help. I also liked how the training was interactive but not in an intimidating way. Thank you very much and can't think of anything that needs improving.

Facilitation Skills

I really enjoyed the event and it has improved my confidence in facilitating groups. In fact I put my newly discovered techniques to good use straight away, which has helped to consolidate the learning.

Many thanks, a good and enjoyable day

An enjoyable and productive day well managed and presented despite the distractions of the road work immediately outside the venue and late arrivals.

I really enjoyed the day and thought it was very relevant to my role. I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting colleagues from other walks of life

I really enjoyed the Facilitation Techniques session yesterday. You bring a lot of practical experience as well as underpinning it with relevant theory which makes the day interesting and very useful. I have recommended that we send all our project managers on the course.

Motivational trainer and great course

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for delivering such a splendid day of training for us yesterday. We really appreciated the opportunitiy to work with you & enjoyed the practical activities that you engaged us. The theoretical back up, provided in the handbook, will offer us a good reminder and useful resource to utilise. Many thanks

The workshop would be improved further by the use of some case studies/videos etc of successful facilitation to illustrate more tools and some good/bad examples.

Could have used a larger room.

Although we don't do much organised facilitating here I thought it was very useful and good value for money. It also gave me the confidence to move on in my role at work. A very stimulating day so many thanks Sandy. Great to have a chat with you after. I hope your daughter enjoys her trip to Oz and then the studies in the States. And yes, I think " Bowling in Bagdad" has great potential!!! All the best.

Overall the workshop was very beneficial. The only feedback I would have in relation to possible improvement is around the inclusion of people's working styles (Belbin etc). I didn't think this was relevant to my area of work, i.e. one off focus groups, consultation events.

Excellent course. Only improvement would have been more link between the overheads/activities and the handout that was given - although the handout is useful, it would be a better record of the day if it had been referred to more.

Bullet-point recapitualtion at each stage would have been a useful re-inforcement

The course was very good as an introduction to Facilitation. I think there is room for further development in terms of specific faciliation techniques. The course was very professionally delivered. I would like a DVD but will need to raise a purchase order. I will phone you about it. Thanks Dave

Was enjoyable and informative. Some information on the practical tools of facilitation would have been a useful addition.

I found the role play exercise at the end most beneficial. It would have been good to spend more time on this.

No walking directions were included from the train station to the venue which would have been helpful. Very pleased with the course and its content.

The training was illuminating in as much as it not only enhanced by skills and knowledge with regard to facilitation work but also offered some guidance on when and how to use these skills or an alternative as the situation demands.
Also very enjoyable and encouraged participation by all attending.

I thought Sandra was an excellent trainer and I got a lot out of the session. It was insightful and challenging in a supportive environment. I liked the small group.

The training was well organised and run, but I did not find it at all relevant to the kind of facilitation I am going to be undertaking for my work. I would have liked more detail around handling group interviews and steering conversation.

Some interesting discussions, but at times, the time allowed for completion of some of the tasks was excessive, so it was hard to remain focussed. Also, appreciate need to consider skills required to be a good facilitator and decision maker, but more practical tips and guidance would have been helpful.

Many thanks to Richard for the day in general, but especially for his efforts make up for NHS economies by providing some ad hoc catering. All much appreciated.

This was my first ACM training experience. I attended both the Facilitation Skills and the Writing Press Releases workshops, and was very pleased with the content and the pace of both. I think Richard is an excellent trainer and would highly recommend him/ACM to any of my colleagues. Thanks for a great two days!

Richard was exceptionally good as a trainer. He exemplified the qualities of a good facilitator. Thank you for a most enjoyable course.

An informative and enjoyable days course. I found Richard not only good at leading the course in that he was qualified and able but further in that he enable everyone in the group to participate and become involved without some of the pressures that might be felt on other courses. It was a day of free flowing interaction and whilst helpful was also enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained some valuable ideas to take back and put into my work.Thank you.

An excellent day - very well facilitated and a relaxed, comfortable environment generated to encourage participation. Would recommend to others.


Thank you for the time spent yesterday learning new and different techniques. We have secured funding so that means I will get the opportunity to use them.

Really enjoyed the course and liked the additional materials, and am looking forward to recieing my certificate.

Excellent training. Learned a huge amount and feel much more confident.

Handling Awkward Conversations

The trainer facilitated the training in a way which encouraged every delegate to engage not only with the material but with each other, which I think was really beneficial. The learning environment created was one where everyone felt able to share their experiences but also challenge the material when and where necessary. I felt that it has given me the resources to be more assertive at work, I have shared the Myers Briggs information with my manager and suggested that the team does this in a facilitated way to enhance the way in which we work together.

Good morning Sandy,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the Handling Abusive Customer Calls session that you recently delivered for us in Manchester. The session was very well received and has provided much for the attendees to reflect upon! The Customer Service Team has praised your delivery style, course content and engagement and advises that all attendees derived massive benefit from attending.

I really enjoyed the course and found it helpful and interesting.

Felt compelled to drop you a line to let you know how that training session has transformed my working life and thank you.

The course gave me an insight into the inner workings of behaviour and exposed what I was dealing with. Armed with this knowledge, I have been able to understand why and form a plan of action, the Manager has been supportive and seen the benefits as well so we are now both pushing forward together to deal with the problem which is not going down well with some.

Thanks again for your help and enlightenment

The course was much more enjoyable than I expected. Encouraging the group to engage with each other and work in different groups helped to learn from others experiences. Very good course.

It was a really useful course. Good to move around and talk with all the attendees. Their different experiences of situations was useful to hear about.

Excellent course. Very enjoyable. Facilitator was first class. One of the best courses I have been on. I am unable to think of anything that could be improved upon.

Hi Sandy, this is superb – I’ve also accessed your website and picked up the excellent (104 pages!!!) training booklet. This workshop just gets better and better. Thank you so much – great training and great customer care.

Great facilitator with energy, passion and pace. Really useful and interesting information provided.

Thank you for the training yesterday, I found the day interesting, engaging and informative. Yesterday’s training has helped me to reflect on my position at work and will form part of the ground on which I will hold a difficult conversation with my manager.

Just to say thanks so much for a brilliant day – I’ve had some great feedback from the delegates and from a personal perspective it was really, really useful. I’ll be making use of the reading list too!

High quality

I really enjoyed the course and definitely gained some tips which I will put into practice.

Excelent workshop delievered by an experienced and excelent trainer.

The trainer was great, following the workshop I felt more comfortable being assertive within my role. During the session the trainer was approachable and delivered a well organised, well timed session, ensuring everyone's queries were covered.

Thank you very much for the wonderful training today. I found all the elements of it very useful and I feel more confident of handling awkward situations now.

Hi Sandy, I just wanted to drop you a note to say many thanks for yesterday’s session. It was packed with great advice and tips. Your style of delivery was really engaging and kept everyone alert, sometimes days like that can seem long, but it flew by. The presentation handout is excellent, thanks again. I'm sure I’ll be in touch for sound advice!

I was really impressed with the trainer and her techniques to engage everybody. Thank you!

The trainer listened to the group and was able to respond to help resolve any concerns members had to help them in the future.

The trainer was excellent. She let the group do a lot of the work instead of it being a lecture style group, but gave us enough information and strategies. The most enjoyable training I have attended for a while.

I found the course incredibly useful. The trainer was fantastic, using a variety of teaching methods and wide knowledge base. She communicated with enthusiasm and authority, listening to the group and what we wanted to achieve. I liked the methods used to mix up the group - giving cards to assign us to each other, rather than us having to organise ourselves which can sometimes be a bit time consuming and some are more comfortable at this than others. Sandy made us all feel comfortable and we worked very well together.

I benefited hugely from this course, for me, it was the final nudge of confidence I needed to be able to handle myself during difficult and awkward scenarios at work. Listening to other peoples stories and realising we were all in the same boat, really helped too, sometimes you forget and think you’re the only one struggling with these things. I would like to point out, since the course, I have managed to say ‘no’ twice now (and stuck to it…without an apology!) huge improvements! The confidence boost has also enabled me to finally sign up and do an MBA, something I have been frightened of for a couple of years! Thank you, for quite honestly the best and most effective course I have ever done! The trainer was very good too, I was very impressed with her.

Thank you so much for delivering yesterday’s training.
I thought your materials and delivery were excellent.

& I found it HUGELY helpful for my own development.

Thank you for a really good day- I have already found several opportunities to put it into practice!

Thanks again for the really useful tips and advice last week. I spoke to my neighbour and it went really well!!

The small group was a stroke of luck, I took a lot from that course.

The course was really helpful and I really enjoyed it. The course material was good but I didn't get sent all the material in the email before the day as the course leader had said she had, but overall very pleased with the course.

I found this course extremely helpful and it has allowed me this morning for the first time to stand up and say NO (assertively)

After the workshop I reflected on the fact that the issues discussed in the group were extremely emotive- understandably these are issues which have caused such problems in people's working lives that they have opted to go on a days training to help tackle them.
Whilst it may not be in the remit of the session, I wondered whether a little bit more emphasis on the personal impact wouldn't go amiss and encouraging candidates to obtain supervision/other professional counselling themselves as I came across a number of candidates who seemed significantly affected by their experiences.
The mixing of the groups was helpful in hearing about other people's issues but from my personal perspective it occurred a but more frequently than was comfortable.
Overall though it was a very satisfying and challenging experience and whilst I had heard of many of the tools/tips I was able to think about applying them quite differently.

Leadership & Management Skills

Thanks Sandy for a great day, and for the resources.

Thanks Sandy, it was very useful and entertaining, a job well done.
Thank you!

Thank you for an excellent course last Thursday I found the content really useful and thought provoking, even for an old stager like me!
Your course notes and sundry attachments will be invaluable in helping me develop my management style.

Sandy was a fantastic trainer, was a valuable day.

It was a pleasure to meet you too and we thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very informative.

At times it was fast paced which was manageable but with two sign language interpreters it can be too much. Otherwise I highly recommend the course to others.

It was an outstanding educational experience. I am not sure that the title fully reflects the subject matter. Knowing yourself as a leader / manager may be a more apt team. Great course though. Thank you.

This workshop was fantastic. I learnt so much and the trainer was clearly passionate and knowledgeable with regards the subject area. I felt the course was fast paced with little thinking/processing time. Content was packed in which is great if you are an experienced manager/leader, however, if new to the role I would imagine this would have been quite overwhelming. I feel much more confident following the course and have already successfully put some new things in place that I learnt from the course.

Thanks Sandy. Your course was excellent today. Thank you.

I enjoyed yesterday thank you. I’ll be doing the SWOT and motivators & de-motivators with my team, as were going through a little wobble at the moment.

Thank you for such an interesting day yesterday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel that I learned a great deal in a short time, as well as identifying areas for further development/study. The course was well designed and well paced, which kept me engaged through the day and also meant that a large spread of subject matter was covered in a short space of time.

It was helpful that the trainer offered to send addtional slides that addressed individual issues that could not be covered in depth on the day

All in all a positive and contructive day. Very much due to Sandy's engaging attitude.

Enjoyed the day, Sandy was very helpful. The group size wasnt too big which was a positive.

Really enjoyed the course and found the material very useful

Thank you for an excellent day's training on Friday, 26 February at Ort House. It was a great refresher and helped me get my mojo back!!

I found the day very useful and have already incorporated new things I learnt into my day to day work.

A very well structured, well organised day.

Great trainer who kept my attention (rare in my experience)

Thanks very much for the workshop on Wednesday – I’ve not done any external training for a long time and I really appreciated your style of delivery and the way you presented the content and got a lot out of the day. I hope that I can put the theory into practical use and improve my management and leadership going forward. You were definitely very motivating in that regard!!!

It was a really enjoyable and beneficial day.

I really liked Sandy's approach and would definitely consider attending more of her workshops. Useful and instructive.

Overall excellent 1-day course and Sandy is a very engaging and knowledgeable trainer. The course met my personal objective of having a "refresher" course (and check on my own practices) and the opportunity to discuss with others. The written materials / reading lists are also very useful.

Sandy's great!

Excellent training and thought provoking

Really great course, thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt a lot from it. I have recommended this course and training company to my line manager in the hope that we will be able to organise further training sessions with this organisation.

The workshop was very well organised and the cntent was very good.

I really enjoyed the day and an excellent course to attend early in my Management career. Thankyou

It was an enjoyable event, I left feeling that I need to attend more of them to really be in a position to affect change.

Sorry for giving my feedback only now. Sandy, you were great. I really enjoyed both training although the second day was less lively but it has nothing to do with you. The audience wasn't just going for it. The first one was excellent. Both trainings were very very useful. Thanks very much !

Really enjoyed the course and found it valuable. Thank you.

Great course. Interesting material, do-able price wise, well run, and ideal group size. Recommending it to others. Thanks Sandy.

The Interactive sessions were very useful for brainstorming ideas between applicants from different background & experiences. Good course.

Thanks very much Sandy. Really enjoyed the course by the way. You were
excellent and, without being too corny, I actually left feeling inspired,
which has hardly ever happened to me after training before!

The course was great although lunch was a little disappointing

Thank you Sandy ... a very effective day :)

This was a very interesting and informative day. This was a very broad area to cover in a songlw day so it was clearly not possible to go over all areas in great depth. it certainly gave me a alot to think about and the training literature was very useful.

Good and enjoyable course which has influenced my work already. Just 2 comments (1) pointers to where to find out more info on particular aspects might be useful (list of useful refs/websites for each topic covered); and (2) something more on management of business processes/systems, as well as people, would be useful- even if only pointers to material available if time constraints don't allow coverage in course. Otherwise excellent, enjoyed it- Thanks.

I found the day very useful in confirming some of my concerns around what I thought was my learning style. It gave me some ideas and stragies to cope with an increas to my team from being small at 5 to 15 by the end of the year. It was also useful to network with other people from different sectors as I feel in the current climate these opportunities are few and far between.

I thought Sandy was a fantastic trainer - I really learnt more about management. She was energetic and really helpful and most importantly - honest. Thank you

The course was great, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot

I really enjoyed your courses. Our trainer Sandy, was brilliant. Now I feel more cofident with my job. Thank you very, very much!!!

Leadership & Supervisory Skills

Sandy was an enthusiastic and very professional trainer. Thank you!

It was an excellent workshop, really enjoyed it. It was very clear the trainer (Sandy) knew her subject matter indepth and implemented a wide range of techniques to make the information effective and interesting.

On a seperate note, your website homepage was a minor barrage of information. Would benefit from some colour and some pictures.

I found the day most enjoyable and helpful. Thank you.

Thoroughly useful and enjoyable day. Good diverse group. Put at ease and felt I got a lot from it. Particuarly liked the fact the the "role play" was done within the group rather than separately. My biggest worry!! Thank you for a great day - Sandy was excellent.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and its content. The delivery was good and the interaction amongsth the team meambers was good. I enjoyed meeting perople from other areas of work.

Really interesting course with great opportunity to talk to other developing managers. Leadership is a big subject for one day and could fill a week's course easily! Great to have an overview but short time meant couldn't go into depth on any topic. Did not enjoy role play where had to deal with different difficult issues such as bullying - think could be given a case study or more information to work with on each problem before start the role play as was difficult to make up and act out a scenario with little information on the issue. Thanks very much for an interesting day!

I always feel that working through case studies or real work situations enables people to make the link between theory and practice. I would extend the day to allow more of this, as I think this would make the training more valuable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and I have learnt a lot from Sandra. Great Training. Many Thanks.

Very interesting workshop, the work in groups as well as the exchange of personal experiences have also been profitable. Many thanks. PG

I thought both Trainers were excellent, down to earth, approachable, very knowledgeable and knew their subject very well. Whilst the time spent with them was short, they adapted well. I felt challenged and surprised by some of the ideas that I and the team came up with. I think it would be really beneficial if we could have a longer time period on any of the subjects next time.

Thank you. I enjoyed the course very much and feel sure I would benefit from further training of this type to increase my confidence and gain better understanding and ways of working effectively with team members and those who I supervise within the workplace.

I enjoyed the working in teams as the day progressed the people became more and more involved and wanted to particpate.

Lone Worker Training

Thank you I enjoyed the course and learned from this very much. Regards Gerard Murray

A very useful and enjoyable workshop

Really enjoyed this course, was well delivered and interative.

I have been to use the information & knowledge gained to highlight problems within my employment.

Excellent training delivery by Sandy from table arrangement to working with different group members. Very knowledgeable trainer and helpful.

Many thanks Sandy
It was a brilliant day – very thought-provoking!

Managing & Coping with Change

It was a pleasure to meet you. The course was excellent and I gained a lot from it. Thanks for all the information. I will put it to good use.

Managing Difficult Teams

Thank you for the course last week and for the slides. I found the course very informative and I’ll certainly be introducing some of the pointers we covered so a big thank you.

very good work shop

Hi Sandy, I just want to thank you for delivering a truly fantastic training session yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really made me reflect on the type of Manager I currently am. It has helped me identify many areas of improving how I respond to certain situations/people and I am looking at booking a few more training courses with you.

I would like to take this opportunity to say what a fabulous training day you delivered yesterday. You are not only a very knowledgeable, broadly experienced professional but you are also an inspirational leader. Thanks for your time yesterday it was invaluable.

I was lovely to meet you on Wednesday – I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I know that, as well as me, the others in the room left feeling empowered and more able to cope with things!

Thanks for a great day. Lots of tools and food for thought.

Sandy was obviously had a lot of knowledge and experience and it was nice for her to share those experiences with us.

Sandy is a brilliant trainer and very knowledgeable.

Very good presenter and an enjoyable day

Sandy was a real breathe of fresh air. I am usually sceptical with this sort of high-level i.e. theoretical notions of dealing with a range of conflict, but she made it very real by presenting personal insight and demonstrating a high level of understanding. Her ability to bring us all along with her thinking was commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course. In all honesty I was sceptical, but as with most of these things, the trainer makes/breaks it and in this case, you definitely made it!

Many thanks for this Sandy, I found it a very interesting course!

Thank you very much for a great training yesterday.

Excellent course with an excellent trainer, i gained a lot from the day.

The trainer was very knowledgeable and adaptable and happy to address issues as they were discussed

It was a really good training course yesterday. I applied it to my twenty year old daughter, who happens knows everything! Very useful.

It was a great course. I have suggested to my boss that he should book onto the next one.

Very good day although I did feel that an awful lot was discussed but not into a lot of depth. I understand that this was probably due to time constraints, but felt it highlighted areas in which I now need to go away and improve my knowledge in. I did enjoy the course very much, thank you.

The workshop was very helpful and has made me feel more confident in dealing with my difficult team.

the course was very good and i would recommend it to colleagues

Sandy had very good knowledge and experience of the issues the course covered. Each exercise was give the right amount of time, never to long or short. I also liked the way there were different people working in groups at all times. A very good course all in all.

Excellent training course. I actually beleive I could go again and still come out with more information. the Trainer was super too. Thank you.

Many Thanks Sandra, a very enjoyable course

I realy enjoyed the course. it has given me the confidence to deal with situation that arise in my own team. A well run course thank you.

The Group working was of great value, as was the sharing of experiences and realising you are not alone in having challenging situations to deal with.

Refreshing to attend a workshop of this kind where PowerPoint is used minimally. Participants were skillfully encouraged and supported to work together. The environment created was safe and comfortable to allow anonymised discussion of problems being experienced by delegates. It was very helpful to get perspective from completely uninvolved people.

Thanks Sandy!

Very helpful and well paced. I liked the very practical tips and insights that were made

I enjoyed yesterday very much and got a great deal out of the day that will be very helpful to me in the workplace – thank you.

Thank you, really useful, could possibly have done with a two day course to have some workshops where the difficult conversations we will have to undertake with challenging staff could be put into practice. No one likes role plays but they are so useful if done properly!

Sandie is a really good, knowledgeable trainer. There was a good mix of people. Did not have lunch provided

Came away from the workshop with some good stategies for managing my team and I really enjoyed the trainer's approach.

Very well delivered course

Fantastic and worthwhile course- Sandy was great. many thanks for a great day!! I got a lot of the day and I found the way you found delivered the training very inspiring so thank you!

The course trainer was excellent with a great knowledge of the subject and of typical examples / scenarios which helped our learning. Overall it was a very good and very enjoyable workshop

This was one of the best presented courses i have attended, a carefully balanced sylabus which was engaging. Thank you.

course was timely for my needs and the trainer was easy and enjoyable to listen to. captured our attention at all times
thanks and looking forward to doing a Time Management course with you soon


Could I have details of your Time Management Course - outline and costs. Thanks J

The training was well run, interesting and relevent. Duration was excellent finishing at 3pm kept everybody engaged.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, many very useful/ practical insights gained and Sandy was superb with us! Thank you.

The trainer was excellent

I did genuinely enjoy the course & was glad I had attended.

Thank you!

Managing Meetings

An excellent session which served as a refresher in my personal circumstances as well as some new useful ideas to try out in facilitating future meetings

Sandy Keating was engaging,fun,knowledgeable, personable and approachable.

The trainer did a great job, was very helpful, approachable and appeared to have given a lot of consideration as to what each of our jobs involved. I have learnt a great deal on the course although I would have liked to have gone more in depth into each section that we mentioned, which were also listed in our booklet. The booklet itself could go more into detail about each point, provide useful hints & tips rather than provide merely an overview of this issue. In terms of the practice excercises, they were very useful and fun to do too. I felt however, that we spent too much time on them. All said, I would still recommend the course to anyone who wants to ensure their meetings are well managed.The course convener, Mr Uridge, did a fantastic job and I feel more confident now in performing more professional and business-like at meetings. I do hope I shall have the opportunity to attend one of his training courses again.

Managing Workplace Change

enjoyable and insightful;

Sandy was a super trainer who brought a balance between delivering information and practical application. Her style of interacting with learners made me feel at ease and I gained a lot of knowledge over the course of the day but didn't feel overwhelmed. The venue was easy to find and travelling their was simple.

Marketing and Customer Service Strategies

thanks for the session - very informative and great networking opportunities too.

Great session; really addressed the subject area effectively and succinctly. Very well facilitated!

trainning well organised very informative, encouraged active participation of all and well delivered. Well done Sandra, you show your professionalism.

I enjoyed the day very much. More documentation may have been useful as reference. I preferred to work in a Team of 2, as I felt that we got more out of the session. I would recommend the course. It was good to meet people from different work environments. I will be able to use my new skills when re-branding my department and I feel confident that I will build stronger relationships by giving a better service to my customers. Many thanks, lovely to meet you.

Thanks Sandra. Nice to find a trainer who knows her stuff as well as you do. We've already actioned much of what you helped us with.

Money well spent.

A thought provoking day that really focused our attention on our marketing with positive results.

We now realise where our customer services can be improved thanks to you Sandy.

A refreshing combination of theory and practice.

Media Strategies and Campaigns

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Richard was a great tutor with a wealth of journalistic experience. He made everyone in the group feel included, even though my campaign was perhaps not as large-scale as some of the others. Thank you very much.

There were 3 of us on the course all in a smiliar type of role. Richard took the time to listen to all of our roles and aims and then tailored examples thereafter to each of us. I think we all found it very useful and it was great that we could discuss each other's aims and objectives so we could bounce ideas off each other which Richard encouraged. The intimacy of the group really paid off and it's the most interactive course I've ever been on. Also the food was great!

Some slots within the training day went on a bit long. In the afternoon, the feedback from the other groups was not really explored and we didn't get to see much of their material.

Many thanks Richard for delivering a fantastic workshop reflecting your in depth knowledge. Your constructive criticism was valued. I would still be interested to hear any thoughts from you (if any) on how a campaign can be run without displaying the sob stories of Deaf migrants. If you think I can help you in future, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Breakout sessions much too long. Not much recapping of salient/learning points. Our organisation (Families Need Fathers) probably too advanced for course level.

I enjoyed the day and found the content very useful, this will help with meeting my own objectives for the day and the reason I attended the course. I will be able to utilise the information and information gained positively to be able to instruct the students that I work with the rudiments of runing a media campaign.

Other than the mix up at lunch time, whereby the food was delayed, the course was great and currently using the strategic template for an upcoming event.

I felt that Richard our trainer was great, however, I did not feel I learnt anything new and I was very dissapointed about the content. I thought we spent to long on things that were not relevant. I aslo thought that we had far to long on team work tasks and breaks.

Enjoyed the course and the informal approach. Richard gave some useful tips about what makes a good news story as well as one or two other ideas. As a media strategy course, the one thing which would have been really helpful would have been to see a draft/sample Media Plan.

This was the best training course I have been on in years. Tailored to suit my individual needs and very practical outcomes.

Very enjoyable day, went very quickly, definitely feel more confident in what needs to be done.

Would have liked more detail on how to use viral advertising

Expert trainer, very helpful and knowledgeable. I have stated that the joining instructions were less than adequate only because I wasn't aware of a change in venue. At present I do not have any literature from the event. Otherwise an EXTREMELY useful event.

A really good session! I've done lots of this sort of thing, and this was one of the best. Full of practical tips delivered by someone with real & relevant knowledge of the habits of the media. The spread of participants from many industries - arts, health, charities, business - was also very engaging.

Thank you it was very helpful and really good to spend the day with a journalist and look at this from their point of view - the penny dropped a couple of times on where i go wrong sometimes.

The example I worked through on the course i continued working on - the visit happened today and already the Telegraph online have covered this at

So thank you!!

A well-managed and interesting introduction that helped me focus my views and come to a better understanding of a way forward for my company's media strategy.

I thought it was a great workshop and got a huge amount out of it.

Timekeeping was out and lunch was over late, but the course was very helpful, gave me confidence and I will definitely book for more.

The venue was not particularly well suited to the course and it was quite uncomfortable perching notepads on knees. A chair with a 'tray' or tables would have been useful.

I would have like to seen examples of different communications strategies. This training help with the process of writing a strategy

I thought the content of the day was excellent and very valuable to the organisation. It would have been beneficial to have had comfort breaks throughout the day.

Thoroughly worthwhile training course. Lots to think about and take away to the workplace to plan.

I found this workshop a friendly forum in which to share ideas and develop confidence in media. I came away with a far more structured mental approach to the media, one that I can share and develop with my higher management from here on in.

Richard's personality led the tone of the day to bring the best out of people who hardly knew each other before.

An excellent training session with a knowledgable trainer.

A really interesting, useful and thought provoking day.

I was very impressed that the trainer allowed training to go at our own pace, with a natural flow to the day (not speeding through subjects), and we were free to touch on our own experiences which were covered throughout the day.

Media Training - staying in control of the message

This really was excellent training, can't compliment it enough.

A really enjoyable and informative session. Thank you

Really enjoyed the course - specially being a very small group we got extra individual attention which allowed us to tailor knowledge to our needs

good, active, hands-on training that increased my confidence to deal with the media

One of the best trainings I have been on - I have done some media work before in other roles but this really helped improve my awareness of how to get key messages out and how to respond to challenging questions. Really got a lot out of the day.

Workshop was effective at building confidence in me & I think other participants.

Workshop was very well facilitated. Good structure to the day, with exercises getting progressively more challenging. Excellent session

An excellent session, I would highly recommend as so practical and I know I will be applying the 'matrix' as soon as my thesis is finished and the press releases go out! Many thanks indeed.

Excellent training. Much appreciated

Excellent training course. Richard was great and held a highly enjoyable and effective training day

This was one of the best and most useful training events that I have been on. The session was pitched at just the right level- it was very challenging to be taken out of my comfort zone but I learned so much from being taught by a clearly very experienced professional and having the opportunity to practice through the simulated exercises. An excellent course. Thank you!

The training was great and the opportunity to practice an interview was very good. It would be helpful if we could get individual comments and feedback on the recorded interview. Thank You.

Excellent and relevant course - Thanks. Richard's experience in the field of biol science/agric was perfect.
Still waiting for the dropbox of videos recorded on the day.

I found Richard Uridge to be very friendly and very knowledgeable on the subject of science, politics and agriculture which made the questioning of every scientist in a mock interview extremely relevant. I was very impressed! I liked format of the course which allowed useful messages to be repeated through experiencing and listening to the interviews. Thank you

I felt the training was very beneficial and delivered in an extremely effective style. I took home a number of very useful strategies, which I hope to use in future situations. The "live" interview was very helpful, though somewhat terrifying! The training took me considerably outside my comfort zone; unlike the other participants, I generally tend to discuss the work of others and comment on issues in the environment sector, on which I don't have in-depth knowledge. The training was geared more specifically on discussing research, though many of the techniques could be applied to my own situation. I would be interested in follow-up training, should this become available.

I would fully concur with the testimonial at the foot of this survey page.

I really enjoyed the workshop despite my personal reservations. Richard made me feel very comfortable and I learned many new ways to prepare to face my media fears in the future. Thank you.

Great experience overall! Highly recommended

I found the workshop very enjoyable and interesting.

Best training I've had in years. Fun, stimulating and challenging. Thank you.

Enjoyed the training course and would recommend to other colleagues.

Excellent training course. Challenging, but enjoyable. Will be booking an in-house course for my organisation.

Workshops such as these are, in my opinion, better at the end of term when people are not trying to get ready for the new term - but that is feedback for QMU. Importantly, I thought the workshop was terrific.

a thoroughly enjoyable day, thank you

Fantastic presenter - would use again!
Food questions are irrelevant as we provided our own lunch, etc.
Training literature not provided as such - but we were informed that some notes, copies of our videos, etc., would be made available shortly.

Training was very useful and thoroughly enjoyable

I usually exit any sort of training knackered but that was so not the case on this occasion - the whole thing was accessible and immeasurably useful and I came away invigorated and looking at the interviews I see and read in a whole different way. Richard was excellent - and obviously an extremely experienced educator with both credibility and authenticity. I've already found myself slipping in bits of Richard's pearls of wisdom into my practice in various ways. My fellow attendee Trudi presented some of her work at our organisation's international conference at the weekend and whilst it wasn't a media interview she used some of what we were taught and won the top presentation prize.

Really helpful refresher of training undertaken a few years ago: my confidence about handling difficult interviews was greatly enhanced. Thank you.

The training was brilliant and supported other areas of development (presentation skills) as well as the one it was set up for

Hi did this last year and stayed to the end. This time I had to leave after lunch but found that the repetition was really helpful and I am better equipped to speak with any form of the press

Really didn't want to go to this training but the faciltator created a safe environment in which to learn and address concerns (fears!)

I was the organiser, rather than a participant, but the feedback was really positive. Here's an example - Richard was an excellent trainer. He led an engaging, interactive session that has really made me think about our media strategy.

I was always aware of the need to prepare for media interviews but was never exactly sure what to focus on. Richard has provided a clear formula that will make that preparation easier.

Thoroughly enjoyed the training. The tools Richard gave us were easy to understand and apply for future media interviews. Richard kept the training lively and stimulating throughout.

really informative and worked in well with a previous course I did on smarter presentations, both courses work well together as both emphasised getting key points across

Richard was very good!

Perhaps would have benefitted from more bespoke, personal feedback. However due to time constraints [1/2 day only], the team-based approach was adequate.

A very enjoyable event

Fabulous training, perhaps the best one day course I have ever been on.

Mediation and Negotiation Skills

very enjoyable day and an excellent trainer

An enjoyable course with a good blend of backgrounds that prompted healthy discussions and sharing of experiences. Sandy's method of delivery is engaging and promotes involvement by the delegates. Many thanks.

Sandy was very engaging and inspiring. Well worth the long journey from Dorset!

I found this course fascinating both on a personal and professional level. The trainer had such high quality expertise, knowledge and experience to share with the group. This was truly one of the best and most interesting training courses I have been on and one I would highly recommend to others, thank you!

What a great course it was too!

It was lovely to meet and work with you on Friday. We both found the session really informative and interesting, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I do hope that our paths will cross another time at some point in the future.

Thank you for all the info, really enjoyed the course and the interplay, plenty of thoughts to put into play in my role. Will recommend to others.

Excellent course which I will highly recommend.

I really enjoyed the course, and feel I will get benefit out of it.

The delivery was unconventional, motivating and challenged my knowledge which I will hold and remember.

Thought the small group of 8 made it a more intimate experience which allowed for more interaction and a better opportunity to learn about each other, share stories, raise questions etc. This sometimes does not happen in bigger groups or venues.

Excellent, credible trainer whom clearly understands her subject and enjoys sharing her vast knowledge. For a Public Services audience, it's always worth spending some time on Active Listening Skills and practising the techniques. We like to think that we are better listeners than we actually are!

Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Trainer was very good at delivering the course and we all applauded her at the end.

Many thanks Sandy. I got a lot out of the session!

Thanks again for a really super training workshop.

Dear Sandy. Thank you for the information. We all thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have already approached a situation from a different angle this morning.

A highly enjoyable and very effective and useful training experience

Sandy was an excellent trainer. Her knowledge, perception and training style kept me challenged and entertained. Thank You Sandy.

very good, practical advice and framework for considering how to approach negotiation and mediation

Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am an ex-teacher/trainer and recognise good training when I see it. Excellent. Informal but informative.

The workshop was well planned and informative, providing colleagues with an opportunity to network and share knowledge and experience. Sandy is obviously a very skilled trainer with a good knowledge of the subject, making the workshop a very useful and enjoyable experience.

Well presented and thought provoking training - thank you

The trainer was very welcoming and knowledgable, a very enjoyable course, but may be better for workers working with the families rather than managers.

The trainer (Sandy Keating) was very professional and experienced, course was well run.

May I just say that I enjoyed the Mediation Day a great deal. I was a PCSO from Ashbourne Police Station and thoroughly enjoyed your delivery and it has given me a good deal of information and help as I retire this week from Derbyshire Police.

An excellent day, very useful & good to do within that group of similar professional colleagues as it was reassuring to realise that we all face similar challenges,it is not just us! Also helpful to share experience & tips. I forgot to mention in 'our' feedback with EOE Deanery that a course organised by the Deanery on 'time management' would be excellent. I have done one a very long time ago & would benefit from a refresher. If Sandy could return & offer that I would be very pleased to attend.

Always a pleasure to come and train with you guys. Sandra is very self assured and this give encouragement and confidence to members to join in. On this occasion the room was slightly small for the amount of folk present but this did not detract from the professionalism or content of the course. Thank you.

I had a very good time at the workshop - all my queries were dealt with. The workshop was well organised and Sandy was an engaging trainer.

I was really impressed with the trainer - Sandy. She was very knowledgeable and clearly and experienced trainer. The day was both informative and fun. I am interested in attending further training with Sandy.

Very good, would heartily recommend to all my colleagues

I really enjoyed the training. It made me more aware of what mediation is really about and gave me tools that I feel I can use in the future. Often trainers speak too much about themselves but I found the balance perfect in this course and really enjoy the teaching. THANKS! Luc

Sandy is highly competent and led a very useful and enjoyable course.

Great course I would recommend to other colleagues

Really enjoyed this course, Sandy is an excellent trainer and is skilled at holding your attention span.

very enjoyable and interesting day

An extremely informative and well presented course. Thank you!

Sandy was an excellent trainer, thank you very much for a very worthwhile course.

I thought the course was really good and gave an oppourtunity to speak and liaise with other candidates on the course. I would definitely reccommend.

I enjoyed the way the course was presented. The pace, and the mixing up of people there, kept the interest high. The documents sent in advance were useful and interesting.
Thank you

I thoroughly enjoyed the training which was delivered throughout in a confident and competent manner. Sandy challenged and supported at an individual and group level which engaged and motivated participants. Her friendly and professional approach was reassuring it what can be a difficult area of work. Thank you.

The buzz in the office after the training event was just brilliant and dwas being talked about long into the following week. I am looking forward to identifying other opportunities to bring back Sandy. A great trainer. Thank you.

enjoyable course delivered well. Content and discussion was well facilitated

Lots of useful information which I hope to implement asap. Thank you.

The day was time well spent and our trainer was really engaging and could adapt and impart extra knowledge around the subject.

It was not a problem but due to the venue change and having a disability access was quite difficult put apart from that it was one of the best courses I have been on in a long time and would be interested to go to other sessions held by this trainer!

Fantastic course, the time just flew by. Everything was relevant and the group were kept focused

This was a very good course to attend and relevant to my work place. As we were in a small group of 10 people with various backgrounds, we were given the opportunity to talk through our own current work issues, and this was most helpful to explore. The trainer was knowledgeable and experienced in this field and encouraged everyone to participate and gain from the day. I would recommend this course to others if it were appropriate for them.

The trainer's depth of knowledge and experience was clearly evident and it was extremely useful to gain the views and experiences of other delegates from completely different working environments. This allowed delegates to see how the techniques discussed can be applied to a multiple scenarios. Would recoomend to anyone who has to deal with aspects of mediation and / or negotiation to reaffirm that you're on the right path or steer you back on track

Was very glad I came, was well-delivered and felt definitely more prepared to handle mediation/negotiation in future.

To clarify just a couple of points above: only dropped "aims and objectives" down one place as there were one or two INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITIES where exact aims weren't very clear beforehand - but over training as a whole, were very well communicated; and tailoring to my specific organisational needs would have been a challenge anyway as there were so many of us from different backgrounds in the session - I think the trainer may have done as well as she could.

A very interesting and informative course which was presented in an excellent manner with superb interaction with the group.

our trainer was fantastic

sandy the trainer was excellent and made tghe course thoroughly enjoyable.

Despite being given the wrong directions to venue and arriving late we were greeted politely and offered coffee which was nice as it had been a long weary journey. The lunch was a bit hit and miss but i beleive the cafe was newly opened and they were not geared up for groups, maybe they could get the group lunch orders at break then they would be ready and have enough to go round. Sandy the trainer was an excellent role model and gave us useable and realistic advise. Timing was impeccable and it was a worthwhile workshop.

I have recommended this training to my other staff members.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was excellent. Thank you Sandy!

Sandy Keating was absolutely fantastic - a brilliant trainer who tuned in and related so well to the class. I have done a lot of training, but she was one of thge best by far.

Very thought provoking - good practical tips

This Mediation and Negotiation Skills' workshop was simply fantastic and it was a workshop I was looking for that was not too drawn out in terms of one or two weeks! Sandy was excellent and the content was information and constructive, while at the same time confirming that the strategies I was using my my mediation role were correct, and I will be able to enhance further what I've learnt from the workshop. I also feel more confident in approaching the mediation work that I do between schools and parents/carers. Well done Sandy!

I thought that I would be interested in training as a mediator can you suggest a accreditied training programme. thank you. Alos what are the job opportunities in this field. I work part time and have 2.5 day free to pursue something else.
I found the course interesting.

This was an excellent course and I really enjoyed it – I would certainly recommend it to colleagues/ partners. The trainer was very knowledgeable and kind.

Very good trainer and course. The trainer kept it interesting at all times and dealt with difficult members of the group very well. The skills learnt will definitely come in use and would recommend the course.

Good job Sandy, thank you for providing us with your knowledge and experience.
Hopefully see you again soon.

Take care


Perfect Podcasts

The trainer made all the technical stuff seem really easy which was good and explained how important the editorial side of podcasting is. Great day.

Richard said there'd be a podcasting podcast shortly. If it's as good as his workshop it'll be well worth subscribing. Thanks.

Thanks to Richard's expertise we started podcasting right away and have all been bitten by the bug. A thoroughly enlightening and illuminating day. Let us know about your advanced course please.

We got no training literature.

The last part of the day re RSS was a little confusing and I didn't understand how this related to podcasts, however, i really enjoued the day and gained a great deal from the day, thanks!

Overall very enjoyable, thanks Richard. I came away understanding a lot more about podcasting but also realising that its not that simple to create one and that we don't really have the resources at present to maximise this opportunity. It may be that we use a blog instead.

An excellent workshop all round.

Great to have such an experienced broadcaster as our trainer. Richard's programme making skills and his ability to pass them on in a relevant and engaging manner will really help our podcasting.

Excellent value for money covering, as it did, both the editorial and technical aspects of podcasting. Will be sending more staff along soon. Thank you.

More time, or an additional half a day to discuss the more technical side i.e. RSS feeds etc. would be helpful

Richard, as the trainer, and the structure of the sessions allowed for excellent interaction across the group, especially given their different interests/background. Well done and thanks.

Perfect Presentations

Whilst the day was very enjoyable and the trainer made everyone feel at ease I felt there wasn't an incredible amount of depth to the content. It was good to look at presentations from a non-boring angle however I came away with little more than that. It would've been good to look at presentations in more detail and explore more of the issues raised by the group at the outset.

I think this workshop was really useful and I learnt exactly how to make a good presentation and how to move away from the traditional boring powerpoint slides. I think the techniques taught will be beneficial to us as CSO's as we present to various teams and now that we know how to engage an audience well, i think the outcomes and responses will be improved.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and now feel a lot more confident in my ability to deliver effective presentations. I have used the skills I learnt on the day in a number of subsequent presentations.

Presentation & Communication Skills

It would have been helpful to have had some quiet space to help students think about the presentation we were asked to prepare, or to be told in advance that it may be helpful to prepare a presentation in advance which can be delivered on the day.

Great for presentations, learnt some good tips. Could have been a bit more substance perhaps, but difficult with the group size. A tips sheet to take away might have been good.

This was the best workshop I have ever been to, purely because Richard knew exactly what he was talking about, he had a brilliant answer to every question, he is very experienced, well spoken, engaging, knowledgeable, and I actually felt like I learnt at this workshop! Thanks :-)

Good workshop but a bit basic for me - but that's because I went for the standard course but should have opted for advanced. Hope to do that in the future.

Found the training day very useful in terms of presentation content and I will put into practice methods learnt. I think I was expecting to also cover personal styles and ways to make the most of our individual strengths and lessen our weaknesses - however, a second day would have been needed as it was already a full day!

This is the second course I have been on with Richard Uridge as the trainer and both times he has been tremendous.

Richard is a fantastic trainer. His knowledge and experience made this workshop both useful, interesting and enjoyable.

Whilst the training was useful it turned out to be more of a refresher rather than something which would have brought me onto the next level of presenting. A proper advanced course would be more suitable for myself where the group is smaller and the presentations are filmed. Richard is a good trainer so I am sure another workshop could be created which I could consider attending.

This workshop was excellent. This will be used in our day to day work.

I have really enjoyed this course and have come away from it with a working presentation that KidsCan is now using in its work. Thank you for your help!

A subject i find very difficult to embrace but the course has given me strategies to improve my confidence and hopefully the delivery.

The course was useful and provided a lot of useful information that you can go away with to improve your presentation skills. I didn't think there was enough breaks; possibly an extra one in the morning would have been good, and the lunch break at least an hour, but the shortening of break times was probably due to the amount of material that we had to go through. I think there was a lot material to go through in one day, may be a little more time was needed, may be an extra half-day session where a lot more practical work on presenting was done. It would have been useful to see the video of each of the presentations within the groups that were formed, as a whole, or even privately so that we can see what we look like, and with my additional suggestion of an extra half day session, have another opportunity to do a different style of presenting the following day to enable us to improve on what we did the first time round. I'm not sure all personal presentation skills issues were covered on the course, possibly due to the size of the group and the short time, but on the whole I think the course was useful.

the workshop was delivered in a way that I was able to see difference from what I didn't use to do. Richard was very Patient with us , so thank you too Richard.

This course was very useful and I will be able to use things learnt in my day to day work.

I totally enjoyed the training.

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day that was delivered perfectly.

Lots of good tips and information was re-inforced quite strongly throughout the day. Some more information on practically presenting yourself through body language would have also been useful - for example best ways to stand comfortably without appearing nervous would have been useful.

Very useful training - although it didn't cover everything that was in the training description or include a specific request about incluidng video in a presentation (although I did forget to ask during the session) - I also personally would have liked some technical training on using powerpoint but probably a different training session.

I thought it was all helpful, but the afternoon particularly so. I think that we may have spent a little too long on the communications side in the morning.

Extremely helpful - superb advice and feedback given by a highly knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who tailored the material to the audience exceptionally well. Highly recommended.

Thank you for a well-organised and well-structured day.

Richard was a great trainer, everything was clear and easy to understand. It was also a great confidence builder!

Richard was very knowledgeable on his subject and I enjoyed and learned from the day's activities.

Many thanks for an excellent workshop, you delivered an excellent course which was great for beginners and old hands alike. All staff who participated told me they enjoyed it and I could see an improvement by the end of the day.

A fantastic training course that I would highly recommend to my colleagues. I think having the literature available to look at on the web site rather than being given a whole load of printed sheets on the day is a great idea particularly in an age of being paper free. With regard to the presenter of the course - Richard Uridge - he is a true professional and knows his stuff - thanks Richard a great day!

Richard made the training entertaining and informative but, as the other attendees were Committee Managers, it was centred around minutes rather than letters writing.

Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

Richard was very welcoming and made the day feel really relaxed. He was very honest about having similar fears about public speaking at times in his life. This was really helpful to hear because it was quite normalising. I feel like I learned some really helpful tips and really started to realise what resistance I had put up about practicing presentations (due to fear and avoidance) and just how helpful it is to practice them. Thank you, I would highly recommend this training to colleagues.

I thought that this was the best training session I've been on all year. I have written up my oral presentation as a blog post which is now on the University's web site and definitely would not have done this had I not been at the session. It was an excellent confidence building session in addition to the other objectives.

Presentation Skills

I really enjoyed this course and it has given confidence to prepare for and deliver presentations

Public Speaking Skills

Despite being scared of public speaking, I really enjoyed the course and thought Richard was an excellent trainer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt it has certainly helped me feel more confident about public speaking. The trainer was excellent. My only slight quibble would be that I think it would have been more helpful to have had less time on the morning session - what is communication? - and more time on preparing our own presentations in the afternoon. Perhaps lunch could have been a bit earlier. Also I do think it would have been helpful if we had been videoed and could have watched our presentations.

Social Media Training

The trainer, Richard was exceptional. Very engaging, I came away having learnt something, but I feel it would have been useful to split this training into levels. I am rather competent with social media, however some delegates were not. I think Richard would be great if he offered an advanced training course for those who already know the basics.

That being said, this was the most interactive training session I have ever attended which was most pleasant.

I enjoyed the workshop - Richard was great, and I am hoping to attend another in the not too distant future - Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop last Friday and am looking to take part in other ACM workshops in the near future.
Richard was so welcoming and knowledgable; the course itself was both greatly educational and fun at the same time.
The workshop left me feeling excited and motivated about my job in digital marketing, for that I am truly grateful!

An enjoyable and useful event, particularly as I did not use social media. Richard was personable, a good strategist and extremely competent. Delegates worked well together.

Thank you for a good day

please offer fruit :) ..more advice on how entrepreneurs can use Social media for businesses effectively & more information & interaction with the 'Brand You' concept may have helped (though not as favorable to teacher lol).

A good investment in time & money for Stride Out.
Thanks & best regards,

Always enjoy Richard as a trainer. Content was useful and morning session got me thinking about good stuff which I've taken away. The venue was 'OK' - A more central location (as original) would have been easier to get to. Thanks

Would have been good to include biscuits or fruit w/ refreshment breaks, as lunch felt a long time coming. But a very helpful session w/ an interesting group of people, and Richard's insights and tips were valuable.

Really enjoyed Richards' personal and honest approach. Made the day interesting and thought provoking. I came away feeling inspired yet challenged with the thought that there is so much more we can do. I would just like to pass on my thanks. Very often courses such as this can be tiresome but Richard broke the mold. I will be keeping an eye out for more workshops. Cheers

Hi Richard

I enjoyed the day but I guess I was looking for something more hands on to move my own knowledge and confidence levels up a gear or two!! Some more examples of how public sector organisations are using social media well and badly would have been good. However, the discussion was good and the 'ideation' sessions - a new word to me - were helpful. Thanks for the material which I have downloaded. Good luck with future courses.


The lunch was disappointing for the set price paid. Although respect for the trainer that tried to rectify the situation by ordering additional items (salad and chips).

Training was great looking forward to receiving the resources.

We didn't go for the optional Hotel lunch so I can't commment on the food provision. Throughly enjoyed the training. Found it useful, looking forward to reading through the training material notes when I get them. Thanks

A good workshop thank you, would have liked more on Linkedin / B2B

Great workshop. thanks

Before joining the Social Media workshop, I was somewhat circumspect about what this axis of communication could deliver in a business to business context. Richard's engaging style and empathy for his subject left participants in no doubt that the opportunities here must be seized effectively, and the workshop equipped us with the tools to do that. Well done!

Team Building and Group Development

I found the course very useful and really appreciated the guidance and advice you provided.

Highly useful day, presented in a way that used the experiences of the attendees.

Team Building and Group Dynamics

I thoroughly enjoyed your course last Friday and it has given me some valuable tools to take away and apply in the work place.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Thank you for the certificate, Sandy was brilliant.

Thank you so much for such a valuable training course on Friday. It was a great learning opportunity for me, in many ways. It helped me gain insight into my immediate and wider teams but also my organisation as a whole.

I really enjoyed this training session and gained a lot from it. As a newbie to leading a team it has really helped my confidence and given me a lot to think about it, and I now know which areas I need to work on

Thank you for the course, very motivational !

I enjoyed the quality of the workshop and and I found it very well structured. Thanks Sandy!

It was a very relevant course with a highly competent leader.

I really thought that the workshop was excellent, and would certainly recommend it to others with difficulties. I found that the trainer was more than willing to tailor the course to exactly what our needs were, and was perceptive in finding out what these were subtly. I haven't see the literature, so I can't really comment on that yet, hence my neutral response!

Would have liked to have touched upon stress/anger management.

As a team we could have benefitted from some support/advice in how to deal with our problems, rather, there was only time to air the issues and I think we may struggle to move forward.

Very interesting.

This was an excellent day. I believe that it was very benifical to have a whole team go through ther course. It makes the team stronger.

Another excellent day giving lots of information that can be used on a daily basis.

Great group and interesting day.

Time Management

There was a good amount of time spent on each subject area. The regular breaks were timely and ensured that I was able to focus throughout the workshop.

Loved Sandie she was a great facilitator and great fun to be with, thank you

Really useful course, which is already impacting on my practice

Great meeting you yesterday, and thanks again. It was really good being able to meet individuals from other fields experiencing similar issues managing their time and schedules. The day whizzed by largely due to your dynamic approach which was very involving.

Interesting workshop

This was very good training and I would recommend it to colleagues.

I found the course very helpful.

Thank you Sandy, I really enjoyed the course and I have given positive feedback to my manager.

Sandy, I enjoyed the course very much and am finding it useful already. Suffice it to say that I will be whole heartedly recommending the course to colleagues in BIS.

This is the first time I have ever felt totally engaged on a course. Now all I have to do is get organised!!

I found the workshop really interesting, and it was good to see a competent and confident trainer - it felt well pitched at a general level of understanding of time management.


It was a really good course and revisited areas that I knew but had chosen to forget. The morning was well structured with good activities to engage and embed ideas. Part of the afternoon session did feel as if it was skipped through slightly I would have appreciated some more activities to engage on the subject areas and help embed new ways to behave and act. Sandy was a really engaging and empowering trainer who really inspired throughout the day.

Train the Trainer

Excellent professional trainer in Sandy Keating - very valuable learning gained.

Couldn't fault the training at all, learnt a lot about myself and my training style. Have started to transfer this already and am starting to look at the packages that we deliver at LCC in my department to see how and if we can change them.
Thank you so much, will be recommending to anyone who needs this kind of training.

Excellent trainer

Many thanks Sandy. I found the course on Friday really useful and I’m looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice at my next training session.

Thanks so much for yesterday, it was such an excellent training day and you modelled the very best practice for them. I know they will take a great deal away from the day.

The training was really good, however I deal more with 1-1 training rather than training large groups. The training focused more on training multipule people at a time as oposed to 1-1 training. I have still gained a wealth of information and tools from the session, just felt some of it was not relevant for me right now. Very well delivered though.

The trainer was really engaging and I appreciated the fact that I wasn't made to present to the wider group - my preference is one to one, unless I have to and the trainer recognised this.

I got a lot out of the day and I liked the different ways we were encouraged to work with other participants. Perhaps the course could have been a little bit longer - it felt a bit rushed at the end. Thank you for a very useful and informative day.

Sandy was brilliant I did not notice the time go by thank you

the trainer was really good , approachable and clever

Really enjoyed the course.

Overall a really interesting day. Due to group dynamics it felt less productive than it might have done if all attendees had come of their own free will. Lots of interesting strategies and methods to think about though and well worth attending.

Really enjoyable and engaging workshop. Thanks!

Thank you for yesterday; I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it worked well for the three of us as a team too.

Thank you so much for your training yesterday. I learnt a lot by attending your course, will be implementing some of your ideas into practice.

I enjoyed the course. Going to start on a plan for my training!

It was indeed a pleasure to attend your course. Really useful and highlighted many aspects I need to focus on. I would be very keen to attend more and on different topics.

Thank you very much for the training yesterday, it was a really useful course for me and I found it really interesting and fun.

I really enjoyed the day and will definitely put things I’ve learnt into practice.

The trainer managed the group well, recognising the difficult members of the team and using them well to identify learning points. The pace was a little slow for me, but that is the peril of group training. From an organisational perspective it is dissappointing that one particular member of the team did not attend, albeit the training did recognise the reasons who certain types tend to avoid such events!

The course was useful to me personally in my current role and I feel I learnt new skills as well as refreshing some existing skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject. The tutor was very knowledgable and made the course enjoyable, thank you.

Very helpful day. A good mix of information and small group work. Moving the groups around was a great plan . I will certainly use the materials. mabe a chance to present something - eben in front of a small group may have been helpful - to get feedback

Thank you very much for the additional tips and things to keep in mind. Very much enjoyed the session

an enjoyable and beneficial day, thankyou

I feel that lots of the exercises were good and loved some of approaches used to break us into groups.

an informative and relevant training package extremely competently delivered to a standard that incorporated both novices and more experienced individuals.

The course was amazing and inspiring and I really appreciated your help for my activity related to the brand values.

I hope I will meet you soon.

Once again, many thanks for well delivered, relevant training.

I thought the previous venue at the Tobacco Factory was better suited. The Create Centre was more difficult to park at and I had to go out and move my car in the middle of the day. The canteen at the Create Centre was inadequate and the menu choice was very poor. The training sessions were great - I found Sandy's course challenging and very helpful. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this course! Sandy was really fun, engaging and interesting. She also used lots of different techniques to get us to work with different people and feel comfortable as a group - strategies that I will implement when training. My only negative is that I felt like the course consolidated prior knowledge rather than teaching me anything new. That said, the course was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to others. Thank you!

I found the course very useful and learned new ways to improve both me and my role on a day to day basis. I would recommend this course to others

Very Enjoyable, made me think of improving areas I hadnt thought of as training! Thanks Sandy.

I really enjoyed this session, I took a lot away from it!

Fantastic day's training. i would have enjoyed seeing some video examples of fantastic/inspirational training/training

Really enjoyed this training. Has boosted my confidence a great deal. Sandy was great.

The training was brilliant, I can't rave about it enough. The only negative was the packed lunch. Had I have known that would be lunch, I would have gone elsewhere like most people did. Sandy - you're a legend. I hope the boat is still afloat with Jamie Oliver and Bear Grylls in it with you!

Really enjoyable and useful course. Very well paced and organised. Packed an awful lot into a short time. Many thanks.

The Trainer was very motivational and has certainly inspired me to improve my training sessions

Brilliant workshop, challenging and informative. Sandy was a fantastic trainer and we were fortunate to have such a wonderful group. Only downside is that none of us at our organisation seem to have received the powerpoint slides via email - would have been really useful as two of us forgot our notes!

Thank you so much for an informative enjoyable and engaging training. You will see from above the only fly in an almost perfect ointment was frustratingly one over which you had no control but really angered all concerned - the lunch for the amount charged was ridiculous - I was more angry that this brought an unnecessarily negative element to one of the best trainings I have been to for some time. I would suggest if using this venue again that lunch provided for a fee is dropped as there are a huge amount of eateries literally on the doorstep that offer wildly better value that the sad offering provided by the hotel.

Thanks again.

I would reccomend this course to anyone who is delivering training or presentations.

Many thanks, the day was extremely useful.

I feel I have come away with some really great new ways of making sure those attnding any training I deliver are actually learning what I hope for them to be learning, and in fun and different ways! Thank you!

Great trainer (Sandy) and lots of useful tips and hints.

Great workshop - not a lot there that was new to me as qualified teacher but enjoyed it all the same

I found this really helpful
I ran a workshop on June 8th and used some of the techniques I learned - thanks!

the trainer was excellent and creative in her approach

Thoroughly enjoyed the session, the delivery was really good and the majority of training strategies used were remarkable to use that many in such a short space of time. I felt very comfortable throughout the day.

I am new to my administrator role and am just starting to get involved in the preparation and delivery of training sessions. I have to say your course was great for me and gave me so many ideas for delivering interesting and challenging sessions that are enjoyable.

Thanks so much for a great day and hope to see you again on another course in the future!

Thank you Sandy you resolved my delivering training issues, also you clearly communicate in a very natural way, not making people feel under pressure. I particulalry liked the debate task and will introduce this to our training.

A great course, I learnt so much that will help me in my new role to deliver interesting training sessions. I would like a paper copy of the slides used as a summary of my learning - is this possible please?

My thanks for such an interactive and valuable training day yesterday.

Please can I have a copy of your slides from y-days train the trainer session.
I enjoyed it very much and so thank you.

Would have preferred a link alongside the course booklet etc (though I may have missed one that was somewhere else on the site).

Other than that, the course was really good; I got a lot out of it and the trainer (Sandy) was excellent. I'd recommed her to anyone and as a result of my positive experience, I'm going to be sending some of my staff on this course in London over the next couple of months.

i really enjoyed the training. THANK YOU

Really enthusiastic trainer which made the day very enjoyable and I would certainly recommend it to colleagues

A very challenging day, very effective training which kept the group active and encouraged good goup mixture and changes which gave everyone a good opportunity to explore other peoples experiences and knowledge. I have come back to work with better skills and understanding of how to deal with difficult people. Thank you.

Sandy was very professional and personable. She had very good knowkledge and understanding and presented a very well planned and thought out day. Thank you

Vodcast production techniques

Very much appreciated the time spent understanding each persons' exact needs.

Workplace Communication

There was no "training literature and other printed material." It was largely top down management communication that was addressed. The 3rd and 4th sections of the day weren't really covered. It was interested seeing different issues people were dealing with and talking about strategies etc. but there was limited drawing together of general points from these examples. It was very much up to the delegate to make sense of it. Role play contributes little or nothing in the context of a disparate group.

The trainer was good and got the group talking together very well. Lunch was a bit too late.

The pannini was undercooked and had a meagre filling.

The morning was useful and the content was good. The afternoon break-out group didn't work because one participant effectively took it over and it was really irrelevant to me and my workplace situation. I felt it would have been more useful to work with my actual work colleagues in this session as we could have come up with a more relevant scenario for us.

Writing for the Web

I benefitted greatly from this event and am now better prepared to improve the Councils website.

Really useful course. It was good to work on an existing webpage that needed a rewrite and get other people's input. Useful challenges and insights.

Writing Press Releases

An outstanding and timely course which should be a regular part of all graduate school training

This was an informative workshop!

Although I enjoyed the day and it was good to talk with others in similar situations, I felt that the text which describes the course online was inaccurate. I was expecting to focus more on how to work with the media/press releases etc but not very much of what I was expecting was covered. To be honest, the list of things that were supposed to be covered seemed a little ambitious! I still don't feel that I know enough to be able to work with the media in my role.

Outline of objectives at start of course and also a follow up at the end to ascertain if we believe we have addressed them.
Also some additional information/hints/tips on where to publish press releases online i.e.

With so many competing topics for stories, it can be difficult to know how to ensure your organisation's news releases are successfully and consistently picked up by the local and national press. Richard proved to be a competent and engaging instructor who provided helpful information about the news process. It was great to experience a 'hands on' approach to writing news releases by a seasoned and professional NUJ member and journalist.

Excellent course. I gained alot from the course. Richard was a great trainer- lots of knowledge and very approachable. The day was really enjoyable and I now feel more confident about writing press releases!

Very useful and would recomend it but could have been more targeted to the individuals

Very enjoyable and very informative

The course was very beneficial and we had quite a small group which was good. I was glad to see that my organisation had adopted some of the PR 'tricks' that Richard mentioned and I found the day helpful.

This was a very useful course and confirmed our current practice of press liaison as well as giving valuable tips on how to structure our releases.

It was brilliant to be trained by someone who was so experienced in their field and able to teach as well. A big contrast to other training I have been on, which was adequate but not as excellent as yours.

I really enjoyed the workshop and gave me an understanding of the subject. It is a lot harder than i thought it would be! It was a good experience to meet people from other organisations and to share their experiences. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

It was a very useful and informative training day and I felt I learnt a lot about the subject matter. The course was very well delivered and the trainer was very knowledgeable and interesting, and applied the day to our everyday roles.

Very good and useful course perfectly delivered by Richard. Thank you.

I found the course extremely beneficial and will help me to write a better Press Release

Excellent facilitator, great venue.

Thank you for a really good course, and I will be looking to come along to another in the New Year.

I found this workshop very helpful indeed - I came away with lots of new ideas too. Thank you.

I found the day a wonderful opportunity to see the world from another important angle - so helpful at this early stage of my work to be able to think of the 'end' communication of what I am trying to put in place.

I thought the course was brilliant and very informative and useful. The only criticism I had was regarding the lunch - for the price I paid for the course I would have expected something a bit more interesting than sandwiches. But that is only a minor criticism!

The element that was missing for me was a focus on turning around potential bad publicity to good, rather than using press releases as a form of free advertising. Otherwise, I thought it was a useful course. In terms of timing, it may assist people who have to travel by moving to 9:30 - 4:30 timing instead - but this is a minor point.

Many thanks, a good reminder of how to construct a PR and establishing the purpose of the PR initially.

Excellent course! - I would strongly recommend it to anyone who works in a PR or marketing role as it caters for all abilities and experience. Trainer was extremely professional but at the same time there was a really laid back, friendly atmosphere. I came away with a lot more confidence in writing news releases. Thanks!

Could have done with some vegetarian food at lunchtime and more fruit.

I felt that this would be better as a 2-day course. There needs to be more time for actually writing, refining etc.

It would have been really usefull to have all been given a sheet with the same infomatino (stats, large quotes etc) from which to write a press release. so we could see how others delt with the material, which bits were the most important, what works and doesn't. writing lots of different releases makes it harder to see what you should have done and difficult to compare your own efforts with others in the group.

I would like to take a further course which would look at PR strategy: which titles/media to target, methods of doing so etc.

It was very good - I'll be sending more of my team (when they are in post). Thanks!

Having been to a few of the workshops I am impressed with the consistency of training and the level of learning i get from each workshop. As a comparison the venues seem to vary considerable in terms of the staff working there as well as the quality of food and drink.

All venues should have non-caffinated tea and coffee available - for those with wheat intollerances (there were a few on the day) salads are easy to provide.

Really enjoyed the course!!

Very good value; an excellent course and trainer.

The course was excellent. I learned a lot and it provided lots of food for thought. Some discussion of News Releases versus the use of blogs, social media etc might have been interesting.

What our clients say:

"An excellent course that was very well presented by a trainer who was clearly experienced in his field and put his message across in a relaxed and good humoured manner. Thank you."
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