Customer feedback - what our clients say about us

An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on.

Richard Uridge is an excellent trainer and draws on his extensive experience and journalistic background. He is very generous with his "insider" tips. I think that the whole group benefitted greatly from the day. Suggestion - two days of training would be even better.

Sandra is a brilliant course leader. This was the most useful training I have received to date - thanks.

Most training companies - indeed most organisations - cherry pick the best feedback to tempt new customers and win back old ones. So those are a few we're particularly proud of. But actually we think it's more honest to post it all and allow you to make up your own mind. Think of this as the TripAdvisor for training! To read comments that relate to a particular workshop category - e.g. media relations or organisational development - simply select it from the dropdown menu. The archive goes back about 24 months - there isn't the space for it all. But if you look hard enough we're sure you'll find one or two less than the usual glowing testimonials! If you'd like written references or would like to speak to somebody who's already attended one of our courses just get in touch.

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Assertiveness techniques

"I thought the course was really great and have been talking about it ever since! Sandy was amazing a very empowering and confident person with lots of really useful tips to put into practice. I came out of the course feeling much more confident and keen to challenge my way of thinking. I will definitely consider going on other ACM courses again."

"I was ever so pleased that I learnt I can be assertive, that I was shown how to be assertive, and given a few insights that I will be thinking about for a long time. It was lovely to work with Sandy. She is an expert at showing people how an assertive person would act think and how to talk in an assertive way. I was so pleased I decided to train with her. Thank you very much indeed. Thanks Sandy for an excellent course and workshop."

"The course was really helpful and has boosted my confidence hugely. Sandy is a really inspiring person and she made me feel motivated to change the way I think in difficult situations. We learnt about skills for the work place but I have found it really valuable in home life too. I will definitely keep an eye out for future training. Thank you very much!"

"Really enjoyed the course, the trainer was fantastic - really enjoyed the training."

"Over all, a very worthwhile use of time and money, I have no regrets! Thank you!"

"Sandy is an excellent trainer and has inspired me. I learned a lot from her, and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. I do think a single role play in front of everyone would have been really useful. The role play could demonstrate how to approach a relevant problem (that someone in the group is facing), with the trainer showing the most appropriate response vs passive/aggressive/passive-aggressive responses. I don't think too much time should be taken up with role play, but a simple demonstration would bring everything together."

"I have already used one suggestion and with practice it will help me greatly. Sandy was very personable and knowledgeable. It was a really good course."

"Very enjoyable - I expected to hate it and instead I found I really got in to it and believe I learned a lot from the day. Thanks Sandy!"

"Really enjoyed the course. I'm already practicing your suggestions and they're working well!"

"It was such a pleasure to learn from you. What other training workshops could I find you on in the future?"

"It was a pleasure meeting you and I found the day extremely interesting and feel as though I have taken a lot away from the session with you."

"Sandy was a fantastic trainer, ensuring we could all participate in a comfortable and safe environment. There was a good balance of group work and learning from the front. Sandy was a great role model for how to be assertive. Thank you very much, I have used the techniques almost daily."

"I enjoyed the course, implementing some techniques already."

"No suggestions - a really effective course."

"Our trainer Sandy was very helpful and led the course brilliantly. I feel I left learning a lot."

"One of the best training courses I've been on in a while."

"I did like the style of our trainer and appreciated her vast knowledge on this and other topics that she alluded to. Thank you."

"Thank you Sandy, it was a fantastic course and I feel I have come away with some effective tools to use in order to be more assertive."

"Sandy was very accommodating, engaging and made personalised everything to individual needs."

"The workshop was fantastic, engaging on all levels and allowed interaction with lots of attendees."


"Nice the see or rather read that the trainer practices what he preaches. I find his work blog instructive and his cycling blog entertaining."

"A great course to get you going with a good mix of technical and editorial."

"Thanks for setting up the Wordpress blog for us Richard. Very generous."

"No more excuses now – except the writer’s block!"

"This course demystified the whole business of blogging for me. Very good value."

"The trainer said we should write about what we’re passionate and knowledgeable about and he’s clearly both of these things about writing and blogging. Thank you Richard. Great and timely advice."

"I have to admit to being a bit of a Luddite when it comes to the computer side of things but Richard made it all very clear and even when to the trouble of giving us a blog each which we could continue to use after the course if we liked."

"I’d recommend splitting this course over two days and perhaps having the technical bit on day one and the editorial bit on day two. There was a lot for me to take in. That said it was a great introduction."

"Don’t take this the wrong way but I discovered that to blog well is time consuming and that if you haven’t got the time it probably isn’t for you. So I decided after the course not to set up a blog which isn’t a bad thing Richard. You’ve saved me a lot of effort!"

Broadcast media training

"This training session was absolutely brilliant. It was the perfect mix of fun and challenging, and I now feel confident that if I'd have to do an interview that I can get my key messages across. Richard created a comfertable environment where making mistakes felt absolutely fine, and he positively encouraged us and challenged us. Thank you very much!"

"Professional, focussed and delivered - thought I would demonstrate my learning and keep it to as few words as possible :)"

"Excellent training session really enjoyed it."

"An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on."

"Thank you to Richard. It was perfect timing as I was very nervous and had to do a radio interview the next day and with the tips and techniques that Richard taught me, I nailed the interview!!!! :)"

"Richard was great - he made the session interesting and engaging. Lot of useful tips and techniques for our staff to take away and use. Thank you Richard"

"I really enjoyed the broadcast media training. I think if time permitted in sessions it might be useful to have more exploration of how to manage difficult lines of questioning where the interviewer does not let a specific point go or returns to the same difficult to answer question. But this is a very minor thing as the training was excellent."

"Keep it the same .It was Amazing !"

"A really good refresher and opportunity to learn and practice key skills."

"Great session, really well facilitated and content was good"

"Fantastic training session delivered remotely, useful hints and tips shared along with valuable insight how to prepare for media interviews and answer questions"

"Enjoyable, dynamic and highly relevant. Thanks"

"I really enjoyed this excellent training workshop. There was alot to cover within the session so a longer one may have been helpful to cover both down the line and face-to-face interviews. A summary sheet of tips and example of a good interview to watch again would be helpful too! But the trainer was excellent, really enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging. I also learned a lot from listening to others including how to handly difficult questions. Thank you so much for this course!"

"Really helpful and informative training, leaving me feeling much better equipped (and wanting to go on additional training courses!)"

"Richard was an excellent presenter at ease with his subject."

"Richard Uridge is an excellent trainer and draws on his extensive experience and journalistic background. He is very generous with his "insider" tips. I think that the whole group benefitted greatly from the day. Suggestion - two days of training would be even better."

"Best continuing professional development skills programme I have ever undertaken. Being in the public spotlight is not my favourite of places but I feel I now have the skills to perform creditably, to ensure the message I want to give is heard and to do this with a degree of confidence. A huge thank you."

"One of the best training days I have attended in a long time."

"I have since been interviewed on Farming Today, and I have to say that the training was put into use. I may not have got it all right, but I did feel that I did get some of my messages across,and having prepared and thought things through beforehand made a big difference. Thanks!"

"What a dude! Professional, focused, put you on the spot and gave fantastic insight into media from both sides of the camera. Best course of its type I've attended - very well done!"

"I personally thought Richard was an excellent trainer with a strong ability to tailor the subject to individuals and the group. Richard had a vast knowledge and was able to answer all my questions and concerns. I left feeling comfortable after what could have been a stressful training session. Many thanks."

"An extremely worthwhile day, lots of useful hints and tips, particularly the planning matrix."

"Good training course. Strategies provided were ideal for building on existing knowledge and experience. Best media training I have had to date."

"Really excellent training - effective, well thought out and the right level of challenge."

"I found the broadcast training really useful. It was interesting, informative and fun. I would recommend it to all. Thank you."

"The trainer Richard was excellent, beneficial to have someone of his experience take the course. Enjoyed thoroughly."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a vast amount."

"Fantastic engaging trainer, Richard. A real asset to your group."

"Excellent training. Appropriately challenging but delivered in a safe way. Has increased my confidence significantly in an area where I have always felt very anxious. Thank you."

Building, Leading & Maintaining Effective Teams

"I thought Sandy was great. Knowledgable, clear and delivered in a really good way. I felt (and still feel) enlightened, enabled and empowered. I'm certainly going to apply the methods Sandy introduced me to and use the tools provided. I would certainly recommend."

"An excellent day, very useful & good to do within that group of similar professional colleagues as it was reassuring to realise that we all face similar challenges, it is not just us! Also helpful to share experience & tips."

"The trainer (Sandy Keating) was very professional and experienced, course was well run."

"The trainer was very welcoming and knowledgable, a very enjoyable course."

"Well-presented and thought-provoking training - thank you."

"The workshop was well planned and informative, providing colleagues with an opportunity to network and share knowledge and experience. Sandy is obviously a very skilled trainer with a good knowledge of the subject, making the workshop a very useful and enjoyable experience."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am an ex-teacher/trainer and recognise good training when I see it. Excellent. Informal but informative."

"Very good, practical advice and framework for considering how to approach negotiation and mediation."

"Sandy was an excellent trainer. Her knowledge, perception and training style kept me challenged and entertained. Thank You Sandy."

"A highly enjoyable and very effective and useful training experience."

"A refreshing combination of theory and practice."

"We now realise where our leadership and group development can be improved thanks to you Sandy."

"A thought provoking day that really focused our attention on our team building with positive results."

"Money well spent."

"Thanks Sandra. Nice to find a trainer who knows her stuff as well as you do. We've already actioned much of what you helped us with."

"I found the course to be really inspirational and motivating, enjoyed the day and could have gone on longer. The trainer controlled the group and kept us all focused."

"I enjoyed the course a lot and have found it very useful since. would love to do another follow on."

"Excellent day - numbers were just right – thanks."

"Very useful, very well organised, enjoyable course. Many thanks."

"Excellent trainer."

Complaint Handling Techniques

"Great session; really addressed the subject area effectively and succinctly. Very well facilitated!"

"Sandy was a great trainer. I really appreciate her still running the course with just 2 of us but as a result I think I got so much more out of this course. Please pass on my thanks."

"Great day, enjoyable and informative."

"Sandy was an excellent trainer."

"Hi Sandy, it was great to meet you last Thursday and to attend the short course which I found most helpful. Shame it was not longer! It did help to meet others in the same type of environment."

"Thank you again for your insights and thoughts during the course – it really was such a fantastic day!"

"Very well delivered course."

"Fantastic and worthwhile course- Sandy was great. many thanks for a great day!! I got a lot of the day and I found the way you found delivered the training very inspiring so thank you!"

"The course trainer was excellent with a great knowledge of the subject and of typical examples / scenarios which helped our learning. Overall it was a very good and very enjoyable workshop."

"This was one of the best presented courses i have attended, a carefully balanced syllabus which was engaging. Thank you."

"The course was timely for my needs and the trainer was easy and enjoyable to listen to. captured our attention at all times."

"The training was well run, interesting and relevant. Duration was excellent finishing at 3pm kept everybody engaged."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day, many very useful/ practical insights gained and Sandy was superb with us! Thank you."

"The trainer was excellent."

"I did genuinely enjoy the course & was glad I had attended."

"Thanks for the session - very informative and great networking opportunities too."

"Training well organised very informative, encouraged active participation of all and well delivered. Well done Sandra, you show your professionalism."

"I enjoyed the day very much. More documentation may have been useful as reference. I preferred to work in a Team of 2, as I felt that we got more out of the session. I would recommend the course. It was good to meet people from different work environments. I will be able to use my new skills when re-branding my department and I feel confident that I will build stronger relationships by giving a better service to my customers. Many thanks, lovely to meet you."

Dealing with difficult people

"Thank you for delivering a very effective and interesting course in challenging online circumstances! Well Done!"

"A very well run course with the challenges of a Zoom call."

"The trainer made this course very enjoyable, thank you."

"Thank you very much Sandy for a very well managed training event, sensitively handled, honest and very helpful and relevant."

"Thank you Sandy, really enjoyable course!

"Many thanks for the really enjoyable informative course. My only comment would have been that I would like it to have been a bit longer …i.e 2 day course. Right after the course I had to ring my most difficult client and actually got a very positive response from him. Long may it continue.

"It was a pleasure to attend your thought provoking course on Thursday."

"Thank you for a great session. It was a pleasure to have you with us, I look forward to seeing you again!"

"Thank you so much for the resources and of course the training on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed and put the skills learnt to the test yesterday when dealing with a very awkward learner who has now returned to class. That’s proof of the success of the training course- thank you again. I will look at other courses you offer and discuss with my line manager.

"Sandy was very helpful and supportive. I have gone away with ideas on strategies on how to manage difficult situations. Thank you."

"An enjoyable training session with knowledgeable trainer."

"I found the workshop incredibly helpful in getting perspective on difficulties with my manager. I realise in retrospect that I had become quite negative about the situation. thanks very much for your help, really useful!"

"Training is one of the best training courses I have attended and was well planned and just what I was looking for."

"Excellent course managed by an excellent trainer. Really like the way Sandy managed the day and I came away feeling more confident in managing my staff. Thank you."

"Have discussed with line manager and training officer booking you direct endorsing the course with a view to training wider staff groups in our organisation which they confirmed they follow up on. Positive training experience, thank you."

"Thank you and for a very good day yesterday. I feel I will have chance to practise it in my role. It certainly helped me readjustment my thinking – I just need to maintain it! It was lovely to meet you."

"Enjoyed the course thank you. The trainer made everyone feel relaxed and made sure all joined in and were working at the right pace. Very knowledgeable."

"Excellent training and really enjoyed the training style. We didn't cover specific tools on the day but the large amount of follow up information sent through covered this aspect for me, so really pleased."

"It was a delight to meet and work with you on Friday also, and we all found the course incredibly helpful. We may see you in the future for one of your other courses, and we will definitely be recommending you!"

"Hi Sandy, I just want to say thank you for an excellent workshop last Thursday. The feedback I have received has been extremely positive and I think we all feel better equipped to deal with some of the problems faced both in and out of the workplace. Thank you again."

"I am keen to explore what other courses/workshops ACM offers with a view to organising other events for our group - perhaps six-monthly or annually. Thank you."

"I was really glad I came on the course, great opportunity to have some time out to reflect on issues. It’s given me more confidence and clarified a lot of things that I was letting eat away at me, as well as lots of useful tips and ideas on improving things all round. Loved your delivery and will recommend your training to other colleagues in our sector."

"It was a pleasure to be part of the day I really enjoyed it."

"A hugely entertaining yet valuable course, can't recommend it highly enough."

"Dear Sandy, on behalf of CHSS and RDS, I’d like to thank you for delivering such an interesting and fulfilling session yesterday. I have heard nothing but good things from the delegates, who you’ll be pleased to know are having a great time discussing their personality types with each other in this kitchen this morning. Thank you very much for these resources, also. I hope that we can work together again in the future!"

"It’s been great to work with you. The other day I was talking to one of the delegates who came on the ‘Dealing with difficult people course in Manchester (beginning of 2017?) and he said it was the best training course he’s ever done. Knowing some of the people he works with, I think he’s been applying the learning from it!"

"Thank you Sandy. It was a really good day - I enjoyed the interaction and movement amongst the groups (getting anyone to move in that heat was quite a feat!)."

"It was a great session that referenced many good resources - it would have been good to have gone deeper into some of the theories discussed but time and group size did not allow this. Thanks Sandy, it was really useful."

"Sandy is an excellent trainer and confidence in the issues gave me confidence in turn to approach issues in a more healthy and empowered way. good balance of humour and concern. I have recommended this training agency to other colleagues."

"I found the course at a suitable level for what I needed. to share experiences in a safe way was helpful and also addressed some of my own stress towards issues I'm facing. the handouts have been useful and will help continue to digest the info as and when issues arise."

"Sandy was a very accomplished trainer who put the delegates at ease and promoted a good level of interaction - many thanks."

Emergency call handling

"I would just like to say a personal thank you to Richard for making the day such a success. After speaking with some of my other colleagues since the course that day, we all agreed that it was down to Richard's balance of professionalism, experience, and good humour that made it a highly valuable exercise and a pleasure to be in his company - and I certainly felt more empowered when answering the phone for the first time today! Many thanks."

"An excellent course tailored to meet the needs of employees having to adapt to call handling procedures in an emergency situation."

"Really enjoyed the training, didn't know what to expect, but found it very interesting!"

"No dessert at lunch! Full credit to Richard. His experiences and advise were highly relevant."

"I have to say our trainer Richard was fantastic and made the whole day enjoyable, relevant and worthwhile. Well done!!!! The only thing I would like to have seen was a more structured reflective learning session with some supporting material."

"Thanks to Richard for making us feel comfortable whilst in role-play. I enjoyed the day immensely. I learned more about what to expect in a crisis and at the end of the day felt confident to face an emergency if/when the situation arises."

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great days training. It's not often that I have come out of training run by the council and felt it had been a worthwhile day. I certainly now feel more prepared to become part of a team that can deliver what is needed in a crisis."

"Overall a very good and enjoyable course. Richard succeeded in creating a comfortable atmosphere for role play which for some is very daunting. He had obviously done prior research and I was impressed with his knowledge of the area etc when setting the scenarios that we were dealing with. It made it a lot more realistic. Overall an excellent day and one of the best courses that I have attended."

"I really enjoyed the course. I found it enlightening and entertaining."

"The course was excellent and Richard was a very skilled communicator and educator, I learnt a lot!"

"The next training session would need to be a full scale test of the Emergency Plan involving all personnel."

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed - and benefitted from - Wednesday's session. Please pass on my thanks to Richard for a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day. The session delivered a great deal of relevant information and insight but was also great fun."

"Some real life examples. Calls that had been recorded in emergency situations played to the group for example. It was an excellent and enjoyable course. Good for team building as well as skill development."

"A very worthwhile training day."

"A good learning day and lots of fun at the same time."

"Excellent training and very effective. Lots of humour and everyone joined in. Really nice to have a different perspective. Great, I want to do it again."

"It was VERY professional. Pity we could not emulate the operational side as well. But that would have needed Saturday as well."

"I would have liked to do another role play as I felt I made mistakes in my first one and wasn't allowed to rectify them. I understand the time constraints. I wonder if smaller roleplaying groups doing pre-written scenarios might be more effective as you could have more tries whilst keeping the peer review system. This may need more facilitators though as more potential to descend into chaos! Overall a good day well spent. I feel a lot more confident about doing the job in hand. Thanks."

"Richard's style of delivery was excellent."

"I thought Richard was both very professional and very proficient. I could not recommend this course or Richard as a trainer highly enough. The training I received will prove to be invaluable should I be needed in an emergency situation and for my continued professional development."

"This was one of the best training courses I have been on. The trainer was excellent, approachable, human and realistic."

Event management

"Very good training technique, probably one of the best I have had! Would attend again and would definitely recommend!"

"Very impressed with the trainer. Engaged everyone well."

"The trainer incorporated a good balance of subject matter, humour and challenges and pitched it at the right level for the mixed group."

"This was one of the best training days that I have attended. Sandy was an excellent trainer and we came back with several new strategies for managing our team workload which we have already implemented! A really worthwhile day - thank you."

"Enjoyed the day and it enabled me to highlight areas where our managers can improve for us to improve on events delivery. Thank you."

"I particularly liked the way we kept changing who we worked with."

"I really enjoyed meeting you and the course was good to recap on things and re-think some elements, amongst some very nice people."

"Sandy was very inspiring! Excellent course. very interactive. one of the best I have attended."

"Sandy is a great facilitator, very welcoming and easy to engage with. I enjoyed being with the variety of people who attended the course - hearing from their experiences really helped my learning. The only suggestion I'd make for improvement would be to tailor courses more to individual needs - perhaps by organising courses specifically for certain types of events and organisers from particular sectors, so that there is more crossover and common ground for course attendees. This way, it would be possible to cover certain subjects in more depth. Thanks!"

"Thank you for a very useful and enjoyable session on organising events yesterday. You certainly practice what you preach! I would certainly recommend you and your training to others - we managed to cover a lot of points in quite a short session."

"Thank you so much for today, it was incredibly insightful."

"Thank you very much for the course yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, the information in your following email looks great!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Tuesday and it was particularly nice to meet other delegates who also worked in universities because we all seem to encounter similar problems! I have already started breaking tasks down onto post-it notes and that is already proving to be a successful approach! Thanks again for running such a thought provoking session – it’s a shame it was only 1 day!"

"The faciliator was one of the best I have encountered. There was lots in the day to provoke thoughts and to reflect on."

"It was a very well run and enjoyable course and I came away wishing it had been longer! Some areas could have been covered in more depth but I appreciate the subject matter was so broad any one topic could have been a days training in its own right!"

"I really enjoyed the course today and will certainly be recommending it to others, and will look at your other courses myself."

"Thank you so much for the information and the course today. I really enjoyed it and got a lot from the day."

"It was a great training day and I have highly recommended you all to my colleagues."

"Thoroughly enjoyable day and very good to mix with people arranging such a wide range of events. That in itself was an eye opener."

"I found the day very informative and useful, and I certainly now feel a lot better informed about managing an event or project."

Handling awkward conversations

"Sandy was a great trainer and although she was dealing with participants from a wide range of different settings she managed to make it general enough to be relevant and specific enough to be useful. I really enjoyed it."

"The training was very interesting and the trainer came across very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you."

"Thanks so much. It was a really helpful and stimulating day."

"I really enjoyed the course and came away with lots of useful reflections!"

"The trainer listened to the group and was able to respond to help resolve any concerns members had to help them in the future."

"I was really impressed with the trainer and her techniques to engage everybody. Thank you!"

"Hi Sandy, I just wanted to drop you a note to say many thanks for yesterday’s session. It was packed with great advice and tips. Your style of delivery was really engaging and kept everyone alert, sometimes days like that can seem long, but it flew by. The presentation handout is excellent, thanks again. I'm sure I’ll be in touch for sound advice!"

"Thank you very much for the wonderful training today. I found all the elements of it very useful and I feel more confident of handling awkward situations now."

"The trainer was great, following the workshop I felt more comfortable being assertive within my role. During the session the trainer was approachable and delivered a well organised, well timed session, ensuring everyone's queries were covered."

"Excellent workshop delivered by an experienced and excellent trainer."

"I really enjoyed the course and definitely gained some tips which I will put into practice."

"High quality."

"Just to say thanks so much for a brilliant day – I’ve had some great feedback from the delegates and from a personal perspective it was really, really useful. I’ll be making use of the reading list too!"

"Yesterday’s training has helped me to reflect on my position at work and will form part of the ground on which I will hold a difficult conversation with my manager."

"Thank you for the training yesterday, I found the day interesting, engaging and informative."

"Great facilitator with energy, passion and pace. Really useful and interesting information provided."

"Hi Sandy, this is superb – I’ve also accessed your website and picked up the excellent (104 pages!!!) training booklet. This workshop just gets better and better. Thank you so much – great training and great customer care."

"Excellent course. Very enjoyable. Facilitator was first class. One of the best courses I have been on. I am unable to think of anything that could be improved upon."

"It was a really useful course. Good to move around and talk with all the attendees. Their different experiences of situations was useful to hear about."

"The course was much more enjoyable than I expected. Encouraging the group to engage with each other and work in different groups helped to learn from others experiences. Very good course."

"Felt compelled to drop you a line to let you know how that training session has transformed my working life and thank you. The course gave me an insight into the inner workings of behaviour and exposed what I was dealing with. Armed with this knowledge, I have been able to understand why and form a plan of action, the Manager has been supportive and seen the benefits as well so we are now both pushing forward together to deal with the problem which is not going down well with some. Thanks again for your help and enlightenment."

"I really enjoyed the course and found it helpful and interesting."

"Good morning Sandy, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the Handling Abusive Customer Calls session that you recently delivered for us in Manchester. The session was very well received and has provided much for the attendees to reflect upon! The Customer Service Team has praised your delivery style, course content and engagement and advises that all attendees derived massive benefit from attending."

"The trainer facilitated the training in a way which encouraged every delegate to engage not only with the material but with each other, which I think was really beneficial. The learning environment created was one where everyone felt able to share their experiences but also challenge the material when and where necessary. I felt that it has given me the resources to be more assertive at work, I have shared the Myers Briggs information with my manager and suggested that the team does this in a facilitated way to enhance the way in which we work together."

Leadership & Management Skills

"Thanks so much for an informative and helpful day yesterday! I found it really interesting and it was a really valuable way to start the week. Lots to think about and start putting into practice now we’re back at the office. What a lovely group of people to work with as well.


Leadership and management skills

"Thank you for a wonderful day. I came away feeling reassured and also equipped with some good ideas on how to improve my approach to leadership."

"I really enjoyed the day and an excellent course to attend early in my Management career. Thank you."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt a lot from it. I have recommended this course and training company to my line manager in the hope that we will be able to organise further training sessions with this organisation."

"Overall excellent 1-day course and Sandy is a very engaging and knowledgeable trainer. The course met my personal objective of having a "refresher" course (and check on my own practices) and the opportunity to discuss with others. The written materials / reading lists are also very useful. Sandy's great!"

"I really liked Sandy's approach and would definitely consider attending more of her workshops. Useful and instructive."

"Thanks very much for the workshop on Wednesday – I’ve not done any external training for a long time and I really appreciated your style of delivery and the way you presented the content and got a lot out of the day. I hope that I can put the theory into practical use and improve my management and leadership going forward. You were definitely very motivating in that regard!!!"

"Thank you for an excellent day's training at Ort House. It was a great refresher and helped me get my mojo back!!"

"Enjoyed the day, Sandy was very helpful. The group size wasn’t too big which was a positive."

"All in all a positive and constructive day. Very much due to Sandy's engaging attitude."

"It was helpful that the trainer offered to send addtional slides that addressed individual issues that could not be covered in depth on the day."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel that I learned a great deal in a short time, as well as identifying areas for further development/study. The course was well designed and well-paced, which kept me engaged through the day and also meant that a large spread of subject matter was covered in a short space of time."

"I enjoyed yesterday thank you. I’ll be doing the SWOT and motivators & de-motivators with my team, as were going through a little wobble at the moment."

"Thanks Sandy. Your course was excellent today. Thank you."

"This workshop was fantastic. I learnt so much and the trainer was clearly passionate and knowledgeable with regards the subject area. I felt the course was fast paced with little thinking/processing time. Content was packed in which is great if you are an experienced manager/leader, however, if new to the role I would imagine this would have been quite overwhelming. I feel much more confident following the course and have already successfully put some new things in place that I learnt from the course."

"It was an outstanding educational experience. I am not sure that the title fully reflects the subject matter. Knowing yourself as a leader / manager may be a more apt team. Great course though. Thank you."

"It was a pleasure to meet you too and we thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very informative."

"Sandy was a fantastic trainer, was a valuable day."

"Your course notes and sundry attachments will be invaluable in helping me develop my management style."

"Thank you for an excellent course last Thursday I found the content really useful and thought provoking, even for an old stager like me!"

"Thanks Sandy, it was very useful and entertaining, a job well done."

"Thanks Sandy for a great day, and for the resources."

Lone Worker Training

"Many Thanks Sandra, a very enjoyable course."

"Excellent training course. I actually beleive I could go again and still come out with more information. the Trainer was super too. Thank you."

"The course was very good and I would recommend it to colleagues"

"Thank you very much for a great training yesterday."

"It was a pleasure to meet you. The course was excellent and I gained a lot from it. Thanks for all the information. I will put it to good use."

"It was a brilliant day – very thought-provoking! Many thanks Sandy."

"Excellent training delivery by Sandy from table arrangement to working with different group members. Very knowledgeable trainer and helpful."

"I have been able to use the information & knowledge gained to highlight problems within my employment."

"Really enjoyed this course, was well delivered and interative."

"A very useful and enjoyable workshop."

"Thank you I enjoyed the course and learned from this very much."

"Sandy is a really good, knowledgeable trainer. There was a good mix of people. Did not have lunch provided."

"Thank you, really useful, could possibly have done with a two-day course."

"I enjoyed yesterday very much and got a great deal out of the day that will be very helpful to me in the workplace – thank you."

"Thanks Sandy! Very helpful and well-paced. I liked the very practical tips and insights that were made."

"The environment created was safe and comfortable to allow anonymised discussion of problems being experienced by delegates. It was very helpful to get perspective from completely uninvolved people."

"Refreshing to attend a workshop of this kind where PowerPoint is used minimally. Participants were skillfully encouraged and supported to work together."

Managing difficult teams

"Thank you, I really enjoyed the day on Wednesday and got a lot out of it!"

"Sandy was a very good trainer, with an engaging, enthusiastic approach."

"Great trainer. Enjoyed her approach and delivery"

"Sandy had very good knowledge and experience of the issues the course covered. Each exercise was given the right amount of time, never too long or short. I also liked the way there were different people working in groups at all times. A very good course all in all."

"Sandy had very good knowledge and experience of the issues the course covered. Each exercise was given the right amount of time, never too long or short. I also liked the way there were different people working in groups at all times. A very good course all in all."

"Very good day although I did feel that an awful lot was discussed but not into a lot of depth. I understand that this was probably due to time constraints, but felt it highlighted areas in which I now need to go away and improve my knowledge in. I did enjoy the course very much, thank you."

"It was a great course. I have suggested to my boss that he should book onto the next one."

"It was a really good training course yesterday. I applied it to my twenty-year-old daughter, who happens knows everything! Very useful."

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and adaptable and happy to address issues as they were discussed."

"Excellent course with an excellent trainer, i gained a lot from the day."

"Many thanks for this Sandy, I found it a very interesting course!"

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course. In all honesty I was sceptical, but as with most of these things, the trainer makes/breaks it and in this case, you definitely made it!"

"Sandy was a real breath of fresh air. I am usually sceptical with this sort of high-level i.e. theoretical notions of dealing with a range of conflict, but she made it very real by presenting personal insight and demonstrating a high level of understanding. Her ability to bring us all along with her thinking was commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"Very good presenter and an enjoyable day."

"Sandy is a brilliant trainer and very knowledgeable."

"Sandy obviously had a lot of knowledge and experience and it was nice for her to share those experiences with us."

"Thanks for a great day. Lots of tools and food for thought."

"It was lovely to meet you on Wednesday – I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I know that, as well as me, the others in the room left feeling empowered and more able to cope with things!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to say what a fabulous training day you delivered yesterday. You are not only a very knowledgeable, broadly experienced professional but you are also an inspirational leader. Thanks for your time yesterday it was invaluable."

"Hi Sandy, I just want to thank you for delivering a truly fantastic training session yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really made me reflect on the type of Manager I currently am. It has helped me identify many areas of improving how I respond to certain situations/people and I am looking at booking a few more training courses with you."

"Thank you for the course last week and for the slides. I found the course very informative and I’ll certainly be introducing some of the pointers we covered so a big thank you."

"The breakout session in which we discussed our most difficult recent situation was really useful, as well as having insight into other people's ideas, views & perspectives. I also really enjoyed the interactive style of training and great to get ideas from different people experiences. Overall, it really helped me to improve my self-awareness."

"The exceptional and engaging delivery style made content interesting & enjoyable and was very informative. Especially found the understanding conflict, recognising my own style of great use."

"I found Sandy to be very open, honest & engaging. Thank you."

Mediation and Negotiation Skills

"Thank you Sandy for the excellent training – you covered a lot (about a very interesting subject) in a short time! I have certainly taken a lot from the day."

"I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for yesterday, it was such a valuable day and I took so much away with me – just wanted to feedback how good it was and such a worth while training experience."

"This was truly one of the best and most interesting training courses I have been on and one I would highly recommend to others, thank you!"

"Dear Sandy. Thank you for the information. We all thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have already approached a situation from a different angle this morning."

"Thanks again for a really super training workshop."

"Many thanks Sandy. I got a lot out of the session!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Trainer was very good at delivering the course and we all applauded her at the end."

"Excellent, credible trainer whom clearly understands her subject and enjoys sharing her vast knowledge. For a Public Services audience, it's always worth spending some time on Active Listening Skills and practising the techniques. We like to think that we are better listeners than we actually are!"

"Thought the small group of 8 made it a more intimate experience which allowed for more interaction and a better opportunity to learn about each other, share stories, raise questions etc. This sometimes does not happen in bigger groups or venues."

"The delivery was unconventional, motivating and challenged my knowledge which I will hold and remember."

"I really enjoyed the course and feel I will get benefit out of it."

"Excellent course which I will highly recommend."

"This was an excellent course - I came away feeling very positive, energised and tired all at the same time. I have no criticism of the training but would have preferred a more central venue and I did feel very uncomfortable traipsing through a school group to leave the building for lunch and hovering at the back of their class for a mini break out briefing."

"Thank you for all the info, really enjoyed the course and the interplay, plenty of thoughts to put into play in my role. Will recommend to others."

"I was expecting to develop techniques/strategies in negotiations, the training materials issued after the course went into a lot more depth and covered aspects that were not touched on, and whilst I do understand this is the case with a lot of courses. It would have been useful to touch more on the strategies for negotiation."

"was lovely to meet and work with you on Friday. We both found the session really informative and interesting, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I do hope that our paths will cross another time at some point in the future."

"Whilst overall very good, I think the workshop tried to cover too much and more focus on less areas might have been more beneficial."

"I found this course fascinating both on a personal and professional level. The trainer had such high-quality expertise, knowledge and experience to share with the group."

"Sandy was very engaging and inspiring. Well worth the long journey from Dorset!"

"An enjoyable course with a good blend of backgrounds that prompted healthy discussions and sharing of experiences. Sandy's method of delivery is engaging and promotes involvement by the delegates. Many thanks."

"A very enjoyable day and an excellent trainer."

Presentation and public speaking

"This was the best workshop I have ever been to, purely because Richard knew exactly what he was talking about, he had a brilliant answer to every question, he is very experienced, well spoken, engaging, knowledgeable, and I actually felt like I learnt at this workshop! Thanks :-)"

"Richard was very welcoming and made the day feel really relaxed. He was very honest about having similar fears about public speaking at times in his life. This was really helpful to hear because it was quite normalising. I feel like I learned some really helpful tips and really started to realise what resistance I had put up about practicing presentations (due to fear and avoidance) and just how helpful it is to practice them. Thank you, I would highly recommend this training to colleagues."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt it has certainly helped me feel more confident about public speaking. The trainer was excellent."

"Despite being scared of public speaking, I really enjoyed the course and thought Richard was an excellent trainer."

"A fantastic training course that I would highly recommend to my colleagues. I think having the literature available to look at on the web site rather than being given a whole load of printed sheets on the day is a great idea particularly in an age of being paper free. With regard to the presenter of the course - Richard Uridge - he is a true professional and knows his stuff - thanks Richard a great day!"

"Many thanks for an excellent workshop, you delivered an excellent course which was great for beginners and old hands alike. All staff who participated told me they enjoyed it and I could see an improvement by the end of the day."

"Richard was very knowledgeable on his subject and I enjoyed and learned from the day's activities."

"Richard was a great trainer, everything was clear and easy to understand. It was also a great confidence builder!"

"Thank you for a well-organised and well-structured day."

"Extremely helpful - superb advice and feedback given by a highly knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who tailored the material to the audience exceptionally well. Highly recommended."

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day that was delivered perfectly."

"I totally enjoyed the training."

"This course was very useful and I will be able to use things learnt in my day to day work."

"Richard was very patient with us, so thank you."

"The course was useful and provided a lot of useful information that you can go away with to improve your presentation skills."

"A subject I find very difficult to embrace but the course has given me strategies to improve my confidence and hopefully the delivery."

"This workshop was excellent. This will be used in our day to day work."

"Richard is a fantastic trainer. His knowledge and experience made this workshop both useful, interesting and enjoyable."

"This is the second course I have been on with Richard Uridge as the trainer and both times he has been tremendous."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and now feel a lot more confident in my ability to deliver effective presentations. I have used the skills I learnt on the day in a number of subsequent presentations."

"I think this workshop was really useful and I learnt exactly how to make a good presentation and how to move away from the traditional boring PowerPoint slides."

"Thank you – I have already used the information and experience gained on the course."

"Exceptionally useful training which will make my presentations more interesting."

Presentation Skills

"Richard's creative approach energised attendees"

Social media

"Before joining the Social Media workshop, I was somewhat circumspect about what this axis of communication could deliver in a business to business context. Richard's engaging style and empathy for his subject left participants in no doubt that the opportunities here must be seized effectively, and the workshop equipped us with the tools to do that. Well done!"

"Really enjoyed Richards' personal and honest approach. Made the day interesting and thought provoking. I came away feeling inspired yet challenged with the thought that there is so much more we can do. I would just like to pass on my thanks. Very often courses such as this can be tiresome but Richard broke the mould. I will be keeping an eye out for more workshops. Cheers."

"Richard's insights and tips were valuable."

"Always enjoy Richard as a trainer. Content was useful and morning session got me thinking about good stuff which I've taken away."

"A good investment in time and money."

"Thank you for a good day."

"An enjoyable and useful event, particularly as I did not use social media. Richard was personable, a good strategist and extremely competent. Delegates worked well together."

"The workshop left me feeling excited and motivated about my job in digital marketing, for that I am truly grateful!"

"Richard was so welcoming and knowledgeable; the course itself was both greatly educational and fun at the same time."

"I enjoyed the workshop - Richard was great, and I am hoping to attend another in the not too distant future - Thank you!"

"Examples of good social media pages were used but it might have been helpful to see less successful pages to demonstrate where we could be going wrong with our content."

"I enjoyed the day but I guess I was looking for something more hands on to move my own knowledge and confidence levels up a gear or two!! Some more examples of how public sector organisations are using social media well and badly would have been good. However, the discussion was good and the 'ideation' sessions - a new word to me - were helpful. Thanks for the material which I have downloaded. Good luck with future courses."

"The trainer, Richard was exceptional. Very engaging, I came away having learnt something, but I feel it would have been useful to split this training into levels. I am rather competent with social media, however some delegates were not. I think Richard would be great if he offered an advanced training course for those who already know the basics. That being said, this was the most interactive training session I have ever attended which was most pleasant."

Time Management

"Great meeting you yesterday, and thanks again. It was really good being able to meet individuals from other fields experiencing similar issues managing their time and schedules. The day whizzed by largely due to your dynamic approach which was very involving."

"Great group and interesting day."

"Another excellent day giving lots of information that can be used on a daily basis."

"This was an excellent day. I believe that it was very benificial to have a whole team go through their course."

"I really thought that the workshop was excellent and would certainly recommend it to others with difficulties. I found that the trainer was more than willing to tailor the course to exactly what our needs were and was perceptive in finding out what these were subtly. I haven't see the literature, so I can't really comment on that yet, hence my neutral response!"

"It was a very relevant course with a highly competent leader."

"I enjoyed the quality of the workshop and I found it very well structured. Thanks Sandy!"

"Thank you for the course, very motivational!"

"I really enjoyed this training session and gained a lot from it. As a newbie to leading a team it has really helped my confidence and given me a lot to think about it, and I now know which areas I need to work on."

"Sandy was a really engaging and empowering trainer who really inspired throughout the day."

"Excellent! It was a really good course and revisited areas that I knew but had chosen to forget. The morning was well structured with good activities to engage and embed ideas. Part of the afternoon session did feel as if it was skipped through slightly I would have appreciated some more activities to engage on the subject areas and help embed new ways to behave and act."

"I found the workshop really interesting, and it was good to see a competent and confident trainer - it felt well pitched at a general level of understanding of time management."

"This is the first time I have ever felt totally engaged on a course. Now all I have to do is get organised!!"

"Sandy, I enjoyed the course very much and am finding it useful already. Suffice it to say that I will be whole heartedly recommending the course to colleagues in BIS."

"Sandy, I enjoyed the course very much and am finding it useful already. Suffice it to say that I will be whole heartedly recommending the course to colleagues in BIS."

"Thank you Sandy, I really enjoyed the course and I have given positive feedback to my manager."

"I found the course very helpful."

"This was very good training and I would recommend it to colleagues."

"Really useful course, which is already impacting on my practice."

"Loved Sandy she was a great facilitator and great fun to be with, thank you."

"There was a good amount of time spent on each subject area. The regular breaks were timely and ensured that I was able to focus throughout the workshop."

Train the Trainer

"Hi Sandy,

I really enjoyed the training yesterday and much love that we have plenty of information to support us on our journey. Cant wait for other resources including the booklet on how to write detailed training plans.

This will be so useful to me.

Very kind regards



"Dear Sandy,
Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable day. I can honestly say I have never had a study day pass so quickly.
You managed to keep us all engaged throughout.
Thank you for all the attached and your kind offer of continued support.
With best wishes

"Thanks Sandy,

The course was excellent.


"I very enjoyed your training: it did what i sought which was to verify that I had the basics right, and to give me sources for principles and tools. The pace was good, it was experiential and we were not burdened with excessive theory / powerpoints."

"It was a really enjoyable day, I am so pleased that my manager allowed me to attend! Your training style is fantastic and I aspire to become the sort of trainer that you are – the others on my table commented about how much they enjoyed it and the fact that they remained totally engaged right until the end of the day!"

"Thanks a million for the course yesterday. I got an enormous amount from it. In fact, I shall be putting quite a few ideas into practice when I'm training this weekend! Thanks again. Would love to work with you again in the future and I'll certainly recommend your services to the companies I work for."

"Thank you for yesterday; I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it worked well for the three of us as a team too."

"Sandy was brilliant I did not notice the time go by thank you."

"I got a lot out of the day and I liked the different ways we were encouraged to work with other participants. Perhaps the course could have been a little bit longer - it felt a bit rushed at the end. Thank you for a very useful and informative day."

"The trainer was really engaging and I appreciated the fact that I wasn't made to present to the wider group - my preference is one to one, unless I have to and the trainer recognised this."

"The training was really good, however I deal more with 1-1 training rather than training large groups. The training focused more on training multiple people at a time as opposed to 1-1 training. I have still gained a wealth of information and tools from the session, just felt some of it was not relevant for me right now. Very well delivered though."

"Thanks so much for yesterday, it was such an excellent training day and you modelled the very best practice for them. I know they will take a great deal away from the day."

"Even though the content did not match our style of training I did gain information out of the day and found it useful. Thanks."

"The course content was good and it will enable me to use new skills with the group I will be working with."

"Excellent trainer. Many thanks Sandy. I found the course on Friday really useful and I’m looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice at my next training session."

"Thank you so much, will be recommending to anyone who needs this kind of training."

"Couldn't fault the training at all, learnt a lot about myself and my training style. Have started to transfer this already and am starting to look at the packages that we deliver at LCC in my department to see how and if we can change them."

"Excellent professional trainer in Sandy Keating - very valuable learning gained."

"Personally, I found the personality types very helpful in understanding that I am able to train and not to see any personality traits as a setback (I am a rare INFJ). The ‘mindtools’ website below I have already found to be very useful. I will be singing your praises!"

"I really enjoyed the day and found it of great benefit both professionally and personally. I am now looking forward to introducing some new training courses to our staff and have set myself the target of writing training plans for all!"

"Trainer was excellent."

"Course was excellent and very useful. Venue was good but would have appeared more organised if they had a list in reception of those attending for signing in. Also, I would have rather paid an extra few pounds on top to have a small lunch provided."

"I left on Tuesday with a tired but full brain and really enjoyed the day and it certainly left me with plenty to reflect on. I will definitely keep ACM in mind for future training needs."

"Many thanks for the training day and for all the other useful resources you have given."

"Really enjoyed the day. Took away lots of inspiration, much of which I used within days for the benefit of my students."

Unspecified course

"Overall an excellent course, well presented and kept us engaged throughout."

"It would have been helpful for the joining material to be provided further in advance as it only came the day before and some people happened to be out of the office that day so didn't get any chance to see it."

"Provision of lunch may have kept the group more together to review issues from the morning session"

"The trainer was excellent, very personable and knowledgeable about the topic. I felt there should be more practical tips with perhaps practice scenarios. It isn't enough for us to work in groups on traits of a difficult person. It is interesting background but doesn't help with the issue. I wonder how many people felt they had the ammunition to go back and tackle the issues they had. For me it was useful to have time away from the situation to think about it more but I don't think the workshop itself helped with the practical element of solving issues. Saying that the follow up handouts were extremely helpful. I also liked that we brought out own food to avoid the high cost of catering at the venue."

"I totally enjoyed the relaxed way the training was introduced it was easy to absorb and I will certainly use what I learnt."


"I felt the last topic Marketing could of been longer but we ran out of time to cover it properly."

"In the morning there was a lot of group work & less "learning". I would have liked a better mix of learning & group work"

"Overall a good session, feedback from the team was positive and we think we'd like a similar session for those that could not make it. Please forward details of your social media training package that was mentioned at the session."

"The tables were very wobbly which was very distracting."

"I was hoping that this workshop would contain more information on personal resilience and give strategies for dealing with difficult customers in an effective manner without mirroring their behaviour. This workshop was more of a personality test that identified traits within ourselves for our own behaviour, which I have completed before and therefore didn't really help me in my day to day work."

"The only comment I have is that while there was good use of break out groups and exercises, I wouldn't have minded there being more actual explanation/teaching on the part of the trainer. Sandy did use slides but tended to move them on too fast to be able to read them properly and also didn't spend enough time explaining the points that appeared on the slides. My suggestion would be to slightly change the balance of experiential group work v traditional teaching to include a bit more of the latter. Although we were sent plenty of reading material afterwards, it isn't quite the same thing."

"Thank you for your time. The course was comprehensive and any learning material that can be sent to us will be highly apprecieted."

"I did not really learn anything new on the course but it was super helpful to spend a day of training with my colleagues."

"The style of the workshop was that for each segment we discussed in a group to see what we already knew and could learn from each other, followed by presentation with more info. Would have been helpful to have a scenario to work through as a group AFTER the presentation, to put the knew knowledge into action. this would have helped embed it. Eg we could have discussed a scenario that we had previously talked about - what could we do differently now with this new knowledge?"

"For me this was more of a refresher."

"The ratings above are not truly reflective of the days experience as we did not request that the training be tailored to our specific objectives, however Sandra did deviate from her schedule to accommodate a request of mine which the attendees found very useful. Most attendees would have liked the training to be about 1 hour longer mostly to discuss more case studies/personal experiences. Sandra's delivery was appreciated by the attendees."

"The session was good but the tutor delivered the session then left. There was no chance to ask any questions at the end."

"Sandy was great and quickly changed and adapted the course content to suit us all."

"Would really like to have had lunch included. I appreciate that you say that this is to keep costs down but would rather have paid a few pounds to be able to sit and talk with other delegates."

"The training reinforced previous learning and there was a good balance of working in small groups and as a whole group. However, I'm not sure I learnt anything new to support me in my role."

"I found the course very interesting however, for the price that was paid I was disappointed that no lunch was provided."

"More activities would have helped to engage me more. The trainer was very knowledgeable."

Writing for the Web

"Stylish training from a stylish trainer."

"I’ve become an avid follower of Richard’s blogs since attending this course where he keeps giving great tips and sharing knowledge which is great."

"The trainer, Richard, made a real effort to understand things from the multiple perspectives of the individual trainees and tailored the course accordingly. So much better than the “sheep dip” approach I have suffered from other training companies in the past."

"A whole new slant on the the F word! Fank you Richard."

"Entertaining yet informative delivery. Thank you Richard."

"An enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. Well worth the money."

"Our website is definitely Interior Contracting Solutions when it should be Sam’s Fried Chicken! A great way of looking at and pricking pomposity online. Thank you."

"Great course from a guy clearly passionate about words and writing everywhere but especially on the web."

"Really useful course. It was good to work on an existing webpage that needed a rewrite and get other people's input. Useful challenges and insights."

"I benefitted greatly from this event and am now better prepared to improve my council’s website."

"There wasn't a lot of time to go into depth, having said that the training was of a good quality."

"It would have been helpful if we had been asked to take a web page with which we required assistance and/or were in the process of writing. This would have enabled me to much better preprared and to have got much more out of the day."

Writing press releases in the digital age

"Having been to a few of the workshops I am impressed with the consistency of training and the level of learning I get from each workshop."

"It was very good - I'll be sending more of my team (when they are in post). Thanks!"

"Excellent course! - I would strongly recommend it to anyone who works in a PR or marketing role as it caters for all abilities and experience. Trainer was extremely professional but at the same time there was a really laid back, friendly atmosphere. I came away with a lot more confidence in writing news releases. Thanks!"

"I felt that this would be better as a 2-day course. There needs to be more time for actually writing, refining etc."

"I thought the course was brilliant and very informative and useful. The only criticism I had was regarding the lunch - for the price I paid for the course I would have expected something a bit more interesting than sandwiches. But that is only a minor criticism!"

"I found the day a wonderful opportunity to see the world from another important angle - so helpful at this early stage of my work to be able to think of the 'end' communication of what I am trying to put in place."

"I found this workshop very helpful indeed - I came away with lots of new ideas too. Thank you."

"Thank you for a really good course, and I will be looking to come along to another in the New Year."

"Excellent facilitator, great venue."

"Very good and useful course perfectly delivered by Richard. Thank you."

"It was a very useful and informative training day and I felt I learnt a lot about the subject matter. The course was very well delivered and the trainer was very knowledgeable and interesting, and applied the day to our everyday roles."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and gave me an understanding of the subject. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be! It was a good experience to meet people from other organisations and to share their experiences. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course."

"It was brilliant to be trained by someone who was so experienced in their field and able to teach as well. A big contrast to other training I have been on, which was adequate but not as excellent as yours."

"This was a very useful course and confirmed our current practice of press liaison as well as giving valuable tips on how to structure our releases."

"The course was very beneficial and we had quite a small group which was good. I was glad to see that my organisation had adopted some of the PR 'tricks' that Richard mentioned and I found the day helpful."

"Excellent course. I gained a lot from the course. Richard was a great trainer- lots of knowledge and very approachable. The day was really enjoyable and I now feel more confident about writing press releases!"

"With so many competing topics for stories, it can be difficult to know how to ensure your organisation's news releases are successfully and consistently picked up by the local and national press. Richard proved to be a competent and engaging instructor who provided helpful information about the news process. It was great to experience a 'hands on' approach to writing news releases by a seasoned and professional NUJ member and journalist."

"An outstanding and timely course which should be a regular part of all graduate school training."

What our clients say:

"An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on."
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