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The subject matter was relevant
The subject was treated at a suitable depth
The content was tailored to my own specific personal and organisational needs
I was given the opportunity to use my existing knowledge
My knowledge and understanding of the subject was increased substantially
The workshop was challenging
Attendance at the workshop has equipped me with skills to help me in my role
The trainers were competent
The training strategies used were effective
The trainers were aware of any personal or group problems
We were encouraged to work together as a team
The workload was manageable
The workshop was well organised
The aims and objectives were clearly outlined
The joining instructions were adequate
The training literature and other printed material was helpful
The drink and meal breaks were long enough
There was enough food to go round (where applicable)
The food and drink were of good quality (where applicable)
The workshop was well-timed
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What our clients say:

"An excellent course that was very well presented by a trainer who was clearly experienced in his field and put his message across in a relaxed and good humoured manner. Thank you."
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