Listening, like all skills, can be mastered through guidance, practice and persistence. This one-day, practical and cost-effective course is designed around numerous examples of good and bad listening techniques so delegates can see clearly which methods work and which do not. All sessions include exercises to allow delegates to practice the listening skills discussed. Delegates will explore listener personalities, types of listening, bad listening habits, toxic words, questioning skills to encourage constructive conversations and much more.


Listen up because this is what we'll be covering in this workshop although, as with all of our courses, our trainers do their best to incorporate your needs where they're not listed here:

  • Why Listening is important.
  • Why people don’t listen.
  • How miscommunication happens.
  • What is the secret to good communication skills?

Active Listening

  • Different listening styles.
  • Effective listening styles.
  • Active listening.
  • Empathic listening.
  • How to formulate your conversation to establish rapport and get immediate results.

Listening Spectrum

  • How people listen and how to use a systematic method to improve your own style.
  • The ideal personality while listening.

Bad Listening

  • What not to say in conversations.
  • How to use example conversations to improve your listening.
  • How to improve your listening using a series of fundamental and proven guidelines.

Asking Effective Questions

  • The most effective questions to ask while listening.
  • The types of questions to avoid.

Critical Responses

  • How to avoid using toxic words in conversations that can immediately change the nature of your interaction.
  • Toxic words to avoid.

Difficult Listeners

  • The types of difficult listeners.
  • The behaviour of each type.
  • Strategies to handle each type.


Sandy Keating leads this workshop. She's a good listener. And a great trainer. If you've got problems listening she'll lend you her ear.



This workshop is available for in-house delivery which is cost effective if you've got more than a few people who need training with the added advantage that course content can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. Contact the trainer to discuss your requirements.


Dealing with difficult people

Leadership and management skills

Assertiveness techniques

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