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Giving a presentation fills most of us with dread. Even the thought of standing up in front of a few colleagues (or, these days, sitting down in front of a webcam) can turn our legs to jelly. So, the prospect of speaking to an audience of hundreds can render normally calm and coherent individuals into gibbering, nervous wrecks. It doesn't need to be this way. Say hello to your nerves. Embrace them and turn the energy they bring into something productive rather than destructive. Let that energy stir your creative juices and make your next presentation – online or offline - extraordinary instead of ordinary. Memorable instead of forgettable. Enjoyable instead of tolerable (for you and the audience). But, most important of all, effective instead of ineffective.

Our one day online course is broken into three modules. In module one we show you how to design and build a compelling presentation using a planning matrix to structure your content so you grab the attention of your audience at the outset and keep them hooked until the end.  In this module we also look at the importance of defining one’s purpose - what you’re selling –and the barriers to communication that might get in between you and your audience (the context).

Module two explores the importance of style. It shows you how to play your voice like a musical instrument with high and low notes and fast and slow sections. And it looks at choreography – the relationship between you and your audience and the physical and/or virtual space you collectively occupy with considerations such as as whether to stand or sit and how much to use your hands and arms to “speak.”  We also show you how to rehearse (practice makes perfect) and wean yourself off an over-reliance on notes.

Module three gives delegates the chance to deliver a short presentation via our online training portal. Guided by the trainer, the audience then offers constructive feedback. This module also shows you how to tackle the terrible trio of: nerves; hecklers; and technological breakdowns. Plus, why you should always have a Plan B.

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  1. Purpose – Defining what you want your presentation to achieve is a crucial first step. In short, you need to be clear what you’re selling (and this is equally true in the not-for-profit sector where it’s more about social rather than financial capital).
  2. Audience – Who are you selling to? Why the audience is the most important component of any presentation. If it doesn’t work for them it won’t work for you.
  3. Context – Where are you doing the selling? Online or in an auditorium, the physical space in which you give a presentation can have an impact on the outcome. But so can the rational and emotional space occupied by you and your audience. These contextual issues can derail a presentation so you need to know how to stop that happening.
  4. Content – This is the step most people start with. But creating content too soon is a big no, no. We’ll show you how to decide what to put in and, almost as important, what to leave out. Choosing the best medium for your messages. How to strike the right balance between audio (the spoken word), visual (slides, video etc) and kinaesthetic (hands-on) elements in a presentation.
  5. Structure – There’s no beating the Three Act Play! But what you put at the beginning (Act 1), in the middle (Act 2) and at the end (Act 3) can make a huge difference. We’ll show you how your presentations can be structured like great books or movies that grab an audience’s attention at the outset and keep it to the very last page or scene.
  6. Style – We’ve all got friends who are effortlessly stylish. Who look good in jeans and a tee shirt. And others who manage to look scruffy in a suit. But what is it to be a stylish presenter? We look at dress and demeanour and voice and tone. We suggest ways of orchestrating your presentation like a piece of classical music. And choreographing your actions like a brilliant ballet.

Anyone who wants to become a better presenter whether to a handful of clients or colleagues via a webcam or to thousands of delegates in a conference hall.

Beginner, improver, intermediate.

Our presentation skills workshops are led by Richard Uridge who as a BBC broadcaster was used to presenting to audiences of more than a million. Over the years he’s helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations communicate more effectively. He firmly believes anybody can be a good public speaker and his infectious enthusiasm for the business of communicating will rub off on you.

We have a growing archive of resources designed to help you with your presentations. Much of it is available free of charge whether you book on our workshops or not. You can read the written articles here or browse our Five Minute Masterclasses many of which cover the topic of presentation and public speaking. 

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This workshop is available for in-house delivery which is cost effective if you've got more than a few people who need training with the added advantage that course content can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. Contact the trainer to discuss your requirements.


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