More and more of us are finding ourselves working alone - either from home or in the field. The law requires employers to consider carefully, and then deal with, any health and safety risks for people working alone. If you work alone, particularly visiting clients or service users, then this course is a must. It's also ideal for those responsible for ensuring the health and safety of lone workers in their organisation. We run both open [London & Manchester] and on-site/in-house courses.

Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare at work of all their workers. They also have responsibility for the health and safety of any contractors or self-employed people doing work for them. Employers have a duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary. Employers who have five or more employees must record the significant findings of all risk assessments. These responsibilities cannot be transferred to any other person, including those people who work alone.

Lone workers also have responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and other people affected by their work activities and to co-operate with their employers in meeting their legal obligations. 


1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of hazards associated with lone working, to identify the potential risks, appreciating that not all hazards become risks.

2. Develop a sound set of control measures, designed to reduce the chance of a hazard becoming a risk.

3. List the risks categories associated with their specific lone working role.

4. Take responsibility as the lone worker, whilst appreciating the employers’ responsibility

5. Appreciate the need for risk prevention and for being traceable.

6. Develop strategies which encourage a 'culture of care' within their work team/s. 

7. Conduct a personal safety risk assessment and identify the best way to share this with others. 

8. Use safety protocols, equipment and technology to manage different lone working situations.

9. Understand the impact of their body language, words and phrases on handling awkward lone working situations.

10. Recognise the key escalation stages in conflict escalation and know how to stay calm and in control.

11. Know how to structure and control the situation, manage unpredictability and handle abusive behaviour.

12. Appreciate why people can become difficult and threatening in different situations and how best to deal with this as a lone worker. 

13. Use practical techniques to manage aggressive situations and calm difficult people down.

14. Appreciate the correct process in reporting incidents and near misses and how to review practical, current policies and procedures.


Sandy Keating leads this workshop. She's an energetic and knowledgeable trainer, with a wealth of practical experience coupled with a strong theoretical background. 


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