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We understand individuals and small businesses may not have the resources to book an exclusive group or one-to-one session, so we operate a wait list system. Give us you contact details and when enough people have registered their interest we'll be in touch to organise a date. For most sessions you'll be alongside (virtually that is) no more than five other trainees.

BLOGGING face-to-face

There's never been a better time to start a blog. Professionally blogging can boost your business. Personally it can promote you. In both cases it can be fun. Or at least it should be! In this one day workshop you'll learn how to tackle the twin challenges facing bloggers: the technical and the editorial.


We divide this course into three distinct sections. The first, by way of introduction, looks at what blogging is (and isn't) and the value it can add to your life professionally and personally. The second explores the technical issues of setting up and maintaining a blog. And the third looks at blogging from an editorial perspective covering things like content creation and writing structure and style.


  • What blogging is.
  • What blogging isn't (or shouldn't be).
  • Why you should blog.
  • What blogging can do for you professionally - whether you work in the profit or not-for-profit sectors.
  • What blogging can do for you personally.


  • Hosted versus self-hosted. What the terms mean and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Which platform is for me? An overview of Wordpress, Blogger and some of the many alternatives (including Tumblr and Squarespace) to help you choose the right one (or ones).
  • Setting up a blog - the optimum settings.
  • Maintaining a blog.


In many respects the hardest and most important bit because without good quality content and lots of it your blog is bound to fail!

  • Why "content is king."
  • How to find things to blog about. Content calendars and Google alerts.
  • Structure - why linear may not be best for online content.
  • Writing "hooks" that grab attention and "twists" that keep it.
  • Style - why conversational is best.
  • First, second or third person? Why writing about you in the first person is usually the best option and the case against it.
  • Establishing an audience and building a community. 
  • Quality versus quantity.
  • How long should a blog be? The optimum length for posts.
  • Comments - getting your readers involved.
  • Activating your copy - using grammar and vocabulary to bring your words to life.


Our blogging workshops are led by Richard Uridge. A journalist for more than 30 years, Richard's love affair with words shows no sign of abating. He's passionate about them - both written and spoken. And a little bit of that enthusiasm will rub off on you. You can read his work blog here and his cycling/poetry blog here.


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This workshop is available for in-house delivery which is cost effective if you've got more than a few people who need training with the added advantage that course content can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. Contact the trainer to discuss your requirements.


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