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We understand individuals and small businesses may not have the resources to book an exclusive group or one-to-one session, so we operate a wait list system. Give us you contact details and when enough people have registered their interest we'll be in touch to organise a date. For most sessions you'll be alongside (virtually that is) no more than five other trainees.

Organise an in-house private course

This is the way most organisations choose to work with us. You get to choose the workshop, nominate who you want to sit the session and fix a time and date that suits everyone. We do the rest – even down to tweaking the training to match your specific needs. All we need is a bit of information about you so click the organise button to get the ball rolling.

Price From £799 per session

One-to-one training

Just you and the trainer’s undivided attention. Some people prefer to sit our courses on their own. Click the button to tell us a bit about yourself and suggest a date.

Price From £399 per session

Coaching and mentoring

Maybe you don’t want or need a full training course but would like a little help. Or maybe you’d like a lot of help. Either way coaching and mentoring could be the answer. Tell us more and we’ll be in touch.

Price £199 for first hour, £99/hr thereafter

For those who've already been on our (or other) presentation skills course or have reached an intermediate skill level through experience and want to lift their presentations to the next level. Delegates will, in particular, get to explore the use of storytelling (narrative) as a way of engaging their audience in a powerful and compelling way.

Our advanced level courses are carefully tailored to the individual needs of delegates (although you'll appreciate this is harder to do on an open workshop where participants come from a range of different organisations). We ask you to be prepared with an existing presentation - one that you've already given and would like to improve or one you've yet to deliver and want to practice. We then "workshop" these presentations so that the session can be practical and productive rather than abstract and theoretical. 

We record your presentations for feedback which is delivered during the session and, where requested, afterwards. Deconstructing these presentations will give the group the chance to develop their:

  • Storytelling - the power of narrative to engage and persaude;
  • Spoken language - why some words are more powerful than others;
  • Body language - how to get all channels of communication in sync;
  • Choreography - the importance of commanding the physical space in which your presentation is being given;
  • Audience interaction - why involving the audience is the key to success;
  • Paraverbal langauge - ways to improve your pace, tone and rhythm;
  • Call to action - making your desired outcome more likely;
  • Q and A handling  - avoiding the pitfalls of the audience awkward squad;
  • Opening and closing - the importance of an engaging opening and a compelling close.

Our presentation courses are led by Richard Uridge. As a broadcaster he's well used (but still nervous!) presenting to audiences of thousands or even millions. He's a skilled, passionate and engaging storyteller and some of that enthusiasm and knowledge will rub off on you.

This workshop is available for in-house delivery which is cost effective if you've got more than a few people who need training with the added advantage that course content can be tailored to your specific organisational needs. Contact the trainer to discuss your requirements.


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Writing for the web

Leadership and management skills

What our clients say:

"An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on."
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