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We understand individuals and small businesses may not have the resources to book an exclusive group or one-to-one session, so we operate a wait list system. Give us you contact details and when enough people have registered their interest we'll be in touch to organise a date. For most sessions you'll be alongside (virtually that is) no more than five other trainees.

Those likely to be in the front line in times of emergency or crisis whether seasoned PR and comms professionals or bosses whose day-to-day responsibility doesn't usually include media handling.

We tailor this workshop for each and every client based on a careful assessment of their organisational risks and needs. That said it is likely to be scenario-based with real time injects into a breaking news event to test your ability to handle the media in the most challenging of times.

Richard Uridge has seen several large scale emergencies both as a journalist and broadcaster (Rwandan genocide, the break of of the former Yugoslavia, the Selby rail crash) and as a trainer. He's helped NHS Trusts and the Health Protection Agency prepare for pandemics, the Environment Agency plan for flooding and local authorities deal with everything from bad weather to terrorism. He's currently helping a nuclear power generator with its statutory emergency exercises and has worked with the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency. Read his thoughts on BP's mishandling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill here.

What our clients say:

"An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on."
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