Bullying and harassment is most common in organisations with poor workplace cultures. Bullying and harassment at work takes many forms. It may be covert and insidious or a one-off, blatant instance of bullying behaviour. This behaviour can result in low levels of job satisfaction, a low opinion of management, physical and mental problems for the individual and increased absences, turnover and resignations, as well as poor morale and performance, leading to loss of productivity and a culture of fear and blame, for the organisation.

If you have experienced bullying or harassment, or if you are responsible for line managing anyone who has had this experience, where their health, safety and well-being is one of your key responsibilities, then this course is a must.

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The topics covered in this one-day course include:


  • Outline of the impact of bullying, how bullying affects a team, department and organisation;
  • Where and how bullying and harassment happens;
  • Harassment and the law, bullying and the law;
  • Types of discrimination, protected characteristics, and examples of harassment.

Recognising Bullying and Harassment

  • Recognise the overt and covert signs of bullying and harassment at work;
  • Examples of bullying and harassment and accepted definitions;
  • The risk factors that lead to bullying;
  • The role that culture plays;
  • Guidance on fostering a healthy culture and know how to manage and prevent bullying and harassment.

Procedures and Guidelines 

  • The need for a bullying and harassment policy;
  • Know how to carry out a risk assessment and how to implement control measures that will reduce and eliminate risks;
  • Having management standards, informal measures, formal complaints procedures, mediation, constructive dismissal, employment tribunals and retaining case data.

Supporting Employees 

  • The reasonable steps that managers must take to protect and support employees who are at risk of bullying
  • The steps, include listening to a complaint, providing advice, confidentiality, counselling, rehabilitation, sickness absences, return to work interviews and fit to work notes.
  • Recognise the effects that bullying and harassment have on the individual, those who witness it, and on the team and the organisation.


Many of our organisational development courses are led by Sandy Keating. Her background is in marketing and management. She couples this with her extensive experience in adult vocational education and learning. It's a highly effective combination.


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