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This is the way most organisations choose to work with us. You get to choose the workshop, nominate who you want to sit the session and fix a time and date that suits everyone. We do the rest – even down to tweaking the training to match your specific needs. All we need is a bit of information about you so click the organise button to get the ball rolling.

Price From £599 per session

One-to-one training

Just you and the trainer’s undivided attention. Some people prefer to sit our courses on their own. Click the button to tell us a bit about yourself and suggest a date.

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Coaching and mentoring

Maybe you don’t want or need a full training course but would like a little help. Or maybe you’d like a lot of help. Either way coaching and mentoring could be the answer. Tell us more and we’ll be in touch.

Price £199 for first hour, £99/hr thereafter

Learn how Facebook, Twitter and other networks can help –  and hinder – your work.

How can you use Facebook to help achieve your organisational, political and even personal aims and objectives? Should you Tweet as a council or councillor or is the risk of ridicule too great? Does blogging actually work and, if so, how should you go about it? Should you start a YouTube channel? And isn't LinkedIn just a place for job seekers? If you've been grappling with these sorts of questions then this workshop is for you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up (if you haven’t already), optimise and use social media accounts in line with best practice for elected members and/or officers.
  • Establish your target audiences including those you need to listen to as well as those you need to talk to.
  • Understand the three main sources of content – created, curated and shared.
  • Create multi-media posts that get noticed and work.
  • Assess the impact of your work through proper monitoring.
  • Understand and avoid the pitfalls.


This workshop will focus on using social media. We offer separate sessions on broadcast and print media interview techniques.

This workshop is being run by Richard Uridge. Reads his blog posts at (work-related) and (cycling-related) See our Facebook page. Follow Richard on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to see what he's up to.

What our clients say:

"An excellent training session, very well run and very engaging. I would go as far as to say probably the best training session I have ever been on."
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